Estrella By: Estrella D. Alfon – December P. P. She has won the Palanca Awards a number of t. Free Essay: MAGNIFICENCE by Estrella Alfon There was nothing to fear, for the man was always so gentle, so kind. At night when the little girl. A Freudian Psychological Literary Analysis By: Patrick Mercado The story “ Magnificence”, written by Estrella Alfon, portrays a family who has.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He promises to give them pencils so that they will look forward in seeing him.

She was going to open her mouth but she glanced at the boy and closed it, and with a look and an inclination of the head, she bade Vicente go up the stairs. Common terms and phrases Abdon Alan Andika arms Aruy asked aunt bamboo beggar belfry beside big lug brother called carabao Cebu centavos child church churchyard clothes cochero coconut Compostela cried Crow crowd crying dream dress Elmo Espeleta eyes face father feet fingers Garcia hair hand head heard hurried husband Imping Inday Inday’s Jonny kiss knew laughed Leyte Lily Lily’s lips listened little girl looked Luisa Marco Maring Maring’s Martha maue mistress modista mother mouth Mummy Nene Nero never night parachi peleta pencils piano vy pinuti play policeman Ramon Rosa Sancho seemed shoulders shouted singing Maggnificence slapped smiled sometimes song stairs stones stood stopped stories street Tagalog talk tambourine tears tell Tesiang things thought told took trees tried tuba turned Vicente voice volunteer guards waited walk watch window woman women words young.

[Magnificence] by Estrella Alfon

The praise had made their mother look over them as they stood around listening to the goings-on at the meeting of the neighborhood association, of which their mother was president. But when the girl turned to comply, the mother said, No, tomorrow will do. But the man said, Are you not going to kiss me for those pencils?

She looked around at Vicente, interrupting her careful writing to twist around. In rages, one kept a collection. Regal Publishing Company- Philippine fiction English – pages.


ESTRELLA D. ALFON | Magnificence

Go upstairs, she said. The little girl kept squirming, for somehow she felt uncomfortable to be held thus, her mother and father always treated her like a big girl, she was always told never to act like a baby.

All the things we experienced during our childhood reflects on how we act today in our society. In the story, Vicente was known by a mother of a little boy and a aalfon girl during the meeting of the neighbourhood association. And the little boy laughed and scampered away, and then ran back and kissed him anyway.

Magnificence: And Other Stories – Estrella D. Alfon – Google Books

She put the glass of soft drink down on the table, estreella in the light one could watch the little bubbles go up and down in the dark liquid. Vicente took the girl up lightly in his arms, holding her under the armpits, and held her to sit down on his lap and he said, still gently, What are your lessons for tomorrow?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Up the stairs went the man, and the mother followed behind. It was there when Vicente volunteered himself to tutor the little kids. They both came forward, the little girl and the little boy, and they both made to kiss him but Vicente slapped the boy smartly on his lean hips, and said, Boys do not kiss boys.

He, like earlier, even used pencils to catch the attention of the children. The little girl, during the part where she was left alone with Vicente, had no idea that she was going to be molested by him. What are you shouting about? Notify me of new comments via email.

Always also, with the terrible indelibility that one associated with terror, the girl was to remember the touch of that hand on her shoulder, heavy, kneading at her flesh, the woman herself stricken almost dumb, but her eyes eloquent with that angered fire. By and by, in a very short while her mother came down the stairs, holding in her hand a glass of sarsaparilla, Vicente.

She did this so that the girl will really be happy and be able to induce envy in her classmates.


Read, highlight, and take notes, magnifficence web, tablet, and phone. Finally, the woman raised her hand and slapped him full hard in the face. The mother thus shut his mouth, and with those hard forceful slaps she escorted him right to the other door.

With her other hand she slapped him on the other side of magjificence face again. It is a common experience of everybody that after having trusted someone, a person would magjificence lose his or her trust on that person because, in the end, the person betrayed them. And the thing rested there, and the man came in the evenings therefore, and he helped solve fractions for the boy, and write correct phrases in language for the little girl.

Her retreated down one tread of the stairs with magnkficence force of the blow, but the mother followed him. Vicente used pencils to stimulate the little kids and earn their trust and also used the pencils so that they will be excited to see him again.

The mother said to the boy, Oscar, finish your lessons. And turning to the little girl, she said, Come here.

But Vicente had jumped up too soon as the little girl had jumped from his lap. As soon as the boy was gone, the mother turned on Vicente. The little girl and her brother would look up at him where they sat at the big table, their eyes bright in the bright light, and watch him come fully into kagnificence light, magnificenve his voice soft, his manner slow. Vicente was earlier than usual that evening.

From inside the book. And this observation their mother said to their father, who was eating his evening meal between paragraphs of the book on masonry rites estrellx he was reading.

The Japanese bazaars promoted a rage for those. And they told her, shouting gladly, Vicente, for that was his name.