In this follow-up to our Maglite LED product line review, we will be featuring the recently released Maglite XL LED flashlight! This is. A revolutionary breakthrough in flashlight technology, designed for optimum light output, the new MAGLITE® XL™LED flashlight delivers user-friendly. Buy Maglite XL LED Flashlight featuring LED Lamp, 83 Lumens Powered by 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries. Review Maglite.

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Maglite XL LED Flashlight Review – LED-Resource

The strobe can go as low as a slow flash of about once per second. Batteries Many low-cost LED lights use the 3AAA form factor because the voltage from 3AAA batteries is capable of directly maglitee the LEDs, but this form factor usually requires a plastic caddy to hold the batteries and is generally considered undesirable in high performance lights.

Well done, Mag Lite! Rotate the light back to the original position to turn off. This light has it all.

I will need to wait until the remaining backordered lights come in before I know how many do not work properly. The XL is the first Maglite to feature a push-button tail cap switch, and this is no ordinary tail cap switch. Have used for 6 weeks and now recommend to all campers. May 9, at This light is rated for 83 lumens and meters of throw. Click the button again to turn the light off. Not sure if the tailcaps need to be sent back, or if they can just send a replacement.

The entire light is type-II anodized aluminum inside and out. All other functions do not work. Write a review bvvrwvefvcda. Stays easier in the hand and very easy to find with a decent long red string. Be the first to review this item. The switch is simple enough for anyone to use, but can also be completely ignored if multi-mode is not your thing. There is a notch on the switch cover that points to the DIM marking, which can be used as a guide to orient the light in darkness.


However, light output will decrease with reduced battery voltage due to this drain, so the XL would not make a good choice as an emergency light, unless the batteries are stored seperately which is recommended practice even for lights without a standby drain, because of the tendency for alkaline batteries to leak. Rotating the light left and right will adjust the brightness. The beam can be focused with a quick turn of the head, or the head removed to flood an entire area with light.

Thanks Robin, I was hoping that I could be sent the new tail cap for each light that does not work. The packaging may be updated in the future to reflect this new information. The light will not turn on if the switch is pressed. No Longer Available Update Location close.

The anodizing helps prevent corrosion, and also electrically insulates the light. I got my xl when 1st on market.

MagLite XL100 LED Flashlight – Red

Tail Cap The XL is the first Maglite to feature a push-button tail cap switch, and this is no ordinary tail cap switch. Instead, the battery carrier has a connector that goes from one end to the other, and that is how the negative terminal is connected to the LED module.

The ends of the battery carrier looked peculiar, so I decided to investigate whether or not it would be possible to install the battery carrier backwards. See any errors on this page? For those unfazed by advanced features, read on! I then can get in my bag, check maps, read scripture, or have a shot of bourbon in dim light that prepares me for bed. The Light Head The head features a plastic window and a deep smooth reflector. Interesting to note here is that the light does not use the flashlight body to complete the circuit from the tail of the light to the LED module, unlike most other lights.


The beam can be adjusted from a spot to flood light, and it is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries. Body The entire light is type-II anodized aluminum inside and out.

Maglite XL Product Page. May 14, at 5: Word to Maglite — Consider painting the tailcap letting with tritium.

As this light was released only a couple days ago, availability is limited at the time of writing. This is arguably one of the most anticipated, as well as innovative flashlights released recently. No original accessories are available for this light at the time, but I was informed that Maglite is currently working on accessories which will be available soon.

The ends are clearly marked to show which side of the battery goes where, and the carrier is marked with an arrow on the side, showing which end goes in the light first. The instructions packed with the light are way inadequate! Has some minir wear on the black color on the corners where it hits the ground still love it.

Maglite XL100

June 27, at 8: Below is a comparison of the XL and the 2AA indoors from approximately five feet away. May 24, at 8: Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Some demand ease-of-use in a light, and others, functionality.

Nite Lite This is one of the most interesting modes of this light. Permanent glow-in-the-dark lettering would make using the settings so much easier in the dark!

May 14, at 7: Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.