Sheet Music – £ – Gyorgy Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna, for Voice mixed chorus acappella. Duration: 9 minutes. Published by Edition Peters. Lux Aeterna sheet music – SATB choir (a cappella voice mixed chorus) sheet music by Gyorgy Ligeti: Edition Peters. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music. Lux Aeterna () by Gyorgy Ligeti is a single movement composition of about .. It is only by seeing the capital D in the score that one can tell the difference.

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Since the elastic talea is not eaterna strict organizational method, there are exceptions to the general tendencies of durational values. A small amount of the “hole in the middle” effect is present but does not function in the same way as before. This is similar to the situation found in block 3A at barswhere one’s attention is pulled aeternna F and E flat, and the situation in block 5A, at barswhere F and G compete for the listener’s attention.

Bass 2, which is the only section left with B, fades out independently from the others. This time the chord appears in the lowest bass register, which is a contrast to the falsetto setting of the scpre word before. The canon in the basses catches up with itself at bar 61 on a simultane ously attacked G.

Lux Aeterna

For this reason it is possible in classical scores for string basses to frequently double the cello lines at the lower octave, arterna an upper octave doubling of the first violin line is an unusual special effect rather than a normal mode of orchestration.

Shipping to Montreal, Canada took just over two weeks, but that is only due to distance, customs, and whatnot.

I doubt sometimes the necessity of Ligeti’s overly complex rhythmic notation, though it is surely nothing compared to New complexity! It has a simultaneous entry of four soprano voices and one bass voice, which leaves block 5C. In barsthis confusion is resolved with the appearance of Es above and below middle C, and the disappearance of the F and E flat. The second of the three chords is an inversion of socre first, lowering the middle pitch by a semitone and leaving the outer pitches the same.


The letter ‘t’ of “luceat” is not pronounced, presumably to avoid the introduction of percussive consonants into a smooth pitched texture. Your video is in XX format and is playable on most pre-installed video players. These three important structural blocks are separated from each other by the two occurrences awterna homophony which make up blocks 2 and 4.

Are you a beginner who started playing last month?

Lux Aeterna for 16-part unaccompanied chorus (Latin)

Canonic representation of the words generally causes them to be unintelligible, while the word sung in the homophonic sections is clearly intelli gible. This may word- painting representing the composer’s interpretation of the text.

The initial F of the piece is not present, confirming the motion away from the original central pitch of the piece. Homo phonic and polyphonic structures have been used in a way that gives unity as well as variety.

Lux Aeterna (Ligeti) – Wikipedia

The reason why this is coherent with the preceding material is that “Do” sounds like the first syllable of “dona”, which was part of the text of blocks 3B and 3C. The A is the most. I was very pleased with my order. You can also download aeyerna any time in your Digital Aeternx. The three bass sections can be aeteerna a representation of the Holy Trinity. This technique uses the basses aetrena underscore the entries of the sopranos and altos with blocks 3B and 3C.

This is followed by a section where only the mens’ voices sing, aeterma then the women enter on the text ” Quia pius es. The rate rate of change from syllable to syllable is relatively fast at the beginning of block 5A and gradually slows down to a static interval in bars Was ligeit to go mad.

It is the highest pitch heard yet and very clearly the most impor tant one at this point. The high B is also transferred to the upper two voices of block 50 who sing the same pitch aeternx octaves lower. The block ends subtractively as each voice reaches the final syllable “i s ” at a different time and then decrescendos after sustaining it for several beats.

The com poser has prepared the entry of the octave Es by presenting its inner adjacent pitches as a minor 7th harmonic interval. The cell consists of a minor third and a major second. Block 5D Example 12 can be considered as the last stage of the decreas ing rate of pitch change that has taken place in blocks 5A, 5B and 5C.

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The word being sung is “luceat” which means “let shine”. In the case of automatic turntables, this will happen automatically. The temporal organization of the piece is as methodical as the strict pitch and word canons but much more flexible. Example 15 Since the strict pitch and word canons are rhythmically set using flexible talea structures, it is hard to hear any canonic structure.

The male voices, which contrast with the predominantly female texture before, indicate God, who is male as Christ.

Two kinds of texture are used in this piece: This combination of pitches sounds like a B 7th chord in which the B replaces the preceding A as the predominant pitch. There is confusion as to which pitch is the more important of the two. The quarter note beat is often divided into 2, 3, 4, 5 aeternaa 6 parts giving a total of 12 possible articu lation points in each beat.

This composition does ligetj follow tonal patterns of traditional harmonic music even though there are numerous pitch centers and quasi-dominant 7th chords. This means that the first singer to arrive at the last note will sustain that note until all the other voices have also reached that point. Notice that there are ten self-contained textural blocks. Maestro Ligeti can make you feel of traveling into the outer space. Read our Privacy Policy.

This homophonic presentation of the cell is the simplest of the four occurrences.

The simultaneous aetrna of the basses, at bar 46, on a unison D is misleading since it sounds like the entry of a new textural block. This three note pitch material can be found in the same order in Bass 4, barsand later in all the other voices of block 3A as they arrive to these 3 pitches.

The three pitches of the first chord of block 4 sound like an A 7th chord. SATB choir a cappella voice mixed chorus – Difficulty: