Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report” was a visceral and detailed recounting of her first experience watching a human body dissected. The first page. Autopsy Report Summary of the story; The start and the end; Lia’s amazing sense of using poems and strong words to the story Lia Purpura. Here, for example, is Lia Purpura in a too-bright room, in an essay entitled ” Autopsy Report”: I shall begin . →”Autopsy Report” by Lia Purpura.

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Autopsy Report by Modar Ghazzawi on Prezi

Here, for example, is Lia Purpura in a too-bright room, in an essay entitled “Autopsy Report”:. Something was so comforting and chilling about that thought while I read the story. However, I chose Lia as my writing mentor, because I am greatly intrigued by the poetic spin she seems to carry her writing with. Anonymous October 11, at 3: On the Writing of Memoir.

I realize that this is a very typical answer for me: My intrinsic tendencies run toward a steady ok, obsessive form of paying attention, of seeing, of probing, of being curious, and having to look and by extension, having to jot, because I have a terrible memory.

Since you write in both media, can you speak to how the ear, almost of its own accord, reaches toward something? In “Autopsy” her images are strong and she depicts the body and shows us the “sharp pelvic bones” and “His ribs like steppes. To me, it really helped set the scene and made it very effective. Stielstra’s essay — and her imagination — leave her fictively ennobled. As I was looking through the Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative NonfictionI gathered several stories whose titles jumped out at me.


Death gowned and dancing, scythe raised and cape blowing, leading the others, at dusk, over a mountain.

Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report”

I think all of her essays in some way embody that question: How aytopsy you fortify yourself against the human inclination toward ease and the easy slippage into allowing things to become ordinaryand unremarkable? In introducing the “scrappy incondite essays” of his new collection, “Loitering,” Autospy D’Ambrosio tells us that “behind each piece, animating every attempt, is the echo of a precarious faith, that we are more intimately bound to one another by our kindred doubts than our brave conclusions.

There it is — the wide open forever, the eternal beyond. Jazmine Melissa October 11, at 8: The imagery is “Autopsy Report” was fantasically grotesque.

Key quotes from an interview with Lia Purpura: Like Fran, I appreciated the fact that she wasn’t so concrete at first when describing the laser point on the baby’s head and I didn’t completely understand what was going on.

I saw where to draw the knife down the chest to make the Y that would reveal.

Empathy requires knowing you know nothing. What is your favorite syndicated cartoon? I also loved her use of concrete details- a few people already have mentioned her descriptions of the bodies in the morgue, which really stuck out to me. The men asleep, the river rising: But as Stielstra leaves that apartment for the final time, when she finds the victim in the lobby, Stielstra “in her memory” apologizes — “digging through our shared patchwork language to find the right words: This is an essay, despite its title, that is mostly about two sisters, one of whom is the ppurpura mother.


And I know everyone has been talking about “Autopsy Report,” but there is something so raw about it.

Finding empathy in the essay

Spectrum of Poetic Fire. There are plenty of reasons to do nothing, and nothing is what Stielstra does. Sounds and shapes are in my ear—from an early life as an oboist almost conservatory bound and an early focus on poetry—that highly concentrated way of working in small spaces. Back to the Issue Catalog. As the assistants slice open the first body, strangely, Lia describes her mood as calm. I think I actually cringed a few times while reading it, which just goes to show how awesome the language is that it actually evoked a physical reaction.

I really enjoyed reading Purpura because like everyone above stated her writing was so poetic and just beautiful really. Also, I just saw somebody above say these are nonfiction?