Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report” was a visceral and detailed recounting of her first experience watching a human body dissected. The first page. Autopsy Report Summary of the story; The start and the end; Lia’s amazing sense of using poems and strong words to the story Lia Purpura. Here, for example, is Lia Purpura in a too-bright room, in an essay entitled ” Autopsy Report”: I shall begin . →”Autopsy Report” by Lia Purpura.

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Jamison is also a young woman who has recently undergone both an abortion and heart surgery.

Finding empathy in the essay

She describes a baby who sits on his mother’s lap while the neighbor boys across the street draw a purpjra on his head—the red eye of the rifle scope marks the baby’s forehead: In fact, my grandmother would send me huge packs of clipped columns when I was at college. It was like being born, that particular kind of seeing.

I wondered about her, wanting her to reveal herself in the manner of most nonfiction, even as I remain at a safe, blanketed distance. Sometimes her details were even disturbing and I think that is exactly what she had intended.

Sister Evelyn purpuar in the habit of taping the s and the failing grades to the coat closet auopsy. Beth Kephart These essays — and essayists — are proponents of experiencing empathy with words.

Michelle Buesking October 11, at 9: You are twelve attending Sts.

Or at least as nonfiction as poetry can be. Purpura “does her looking with an amazing capacity to see the unseen, to bring word to the unspoken. Later on though, it becomes more obvious, but she doesn’t drop the imagery and poetic language.

Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report” | Kevin Figueroa

When Purpura successfully aligns our sight with hers, the combined power of that vision evokes much more than image. I try not to think too hard rrport how I do what I do. In “Autopsy” her images are strong and she depicts the body and shows us the “sharp pelvic bones” and “His ribs like steppes. BUY SpringVol. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


The book enacts its aesthetic by circumscribing, cutting, outlining its vision rather than explicating, connecting or declaring. What is your favorite syndicated cartoon? To me, it really helped set the scene and made it very effective. The end of the essay concludes in the observances that Lia has after her encounter when she is immersed back into everyday life.

A few feet over a fish leaps again, high in the air. She progresses through detail as if empathetic and sees these sights as a daily occurrence. Early on, during a happily remembered parade, she tosses the “silver hyphen” of a baton to the sky and lets it linger “for a moment against the sun.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The distance between the facts and her yearning to change those facts is where her redemption lies. Honestly, I didn’t realize that they were nonfiction either. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Purpura did this with all of the pieces we read and did a wonderful job about it.

I truly admire prose writing that is written in poetic language. However, I chose Lia as my auopsy mentor, prupura I am greatly intrigued by the poetic spin she seems to carry her writing with. You never really speak except for the time she makes her request and purlura when she tells you you smell good and have features more like a white person. It’s easy to see inside the human body in “Autopsy Report,” even if you never have seen another representation or real life cadaver.

I really had no idea that this interview would uncover such a promotional stance: Now whenever I visit Chicago I make the same run myself, chasing after my father, pursuing him all the way down Argyle, crossing the Outer Drive until I too hit the lake.


Anonymous October 11, at 3: But she knew it was more than that—that it was all about how one perceives something, whether it is funny or stupid or completely wrong.

This is an essay, despite its title, that is mostly about two sisters, one of whom is the author’s mother. Asleep below deck when a freighter hit and the river rose inside their tug. Even that gets described so well that it feels as though it’s so much better than real life that it couldn’t possibly be nonfiction. Anonymous October 11, at 9: The imagery was fantastic. The color of holly berries, chokeable, dangerous, we keep from our son.

It’s in the accordion folds of the empathetic imagination. Ammons, which I always have near: Never have I ever read any stories written as great as hers and I think you can really tell that she put a lot of thought into each and every single word in each sentence. Beth Kephart is the author of 19 books, including “Handling the Truth: Reading poetry lifts new voices along an aural continuum that helps them access greater mysteries than they might without the rhythm of tradition.

What I really like, though, is reading them both, one right after the other. There are plenty of reasons to do nothing, and nothing is what Stielstra does.

Autopsy Report by Modar Ghazzawi on Prezi

I thought that the first piece we read, Autopsy Report, was lka really gross. The descriptions, for example, are always spot on. To me, it showed people in their truest, most open form, which is what the narrator talked about.

It is a spiral without an end.