Yes Ims simcat are very close to the level of difficulty of cat itself and give a good overview of the exam. Moreover aimcat are renown for their difficulty level so. Most CAT-aspirants would agree that taking Mock tests (SimCATs in IMS parlance) is a very crucial aspect of preparing for the CAT, however. Hi everyone! Thanks a bunch for the awesome response to the first two IMS SimCATs! Now, you can also be a part of the SimCAT. You have a chance to take .

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In the next test their scores go up or down based on the test content and structure — they score well if they have more questions from their areas of strength and lesser otherwise.

If you enrolling for this program, please note the tests are for CAT aspirants and the Tests will be deactivated on 31st March I started preparing 2 weeks back but am not able to plan what to do. You are welcome…all the best! The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty.

Now solve or re-solve each of these ism questions with an objective of finding:. For areas where you achieve the set benchmarks aim to perform consistently in future tests as well. Aptitude exams are tests of strategy and mocks will help you devise YOUR strategy.

Questions that you did not attempt As you did not even get around to reading them Due to lack of conceptual clarity As you could not understand the question while taking the test Questions that you got incorrect Due to silly mistakes or carelessness Due to incorrect understanding of the question Due to conceptual gap Questions that you got right, But could have solved them faster?


To avail either of the waiver, please write us back on ims imsindia.

IMS SimCAT Plus Online Test Price in India – Buy IMS SimCAT Plus Online Test online at

All you need to do is follow the below process to take the Test: A management college does not prefer one stream over another, at the same time being in a ximcats stream does not place you in any disadvantage. T Approach – Completely Online. To know details, write to us at ims imsindia.

To identify your areas of strength and weaknesses simcafs that you can accordingly plan and fine-tune your test-taking strategy as well as preparation strategy A whole lot of students fail to perform well in the CAT despite taking a plethora of mock tests. If you wish the centre to get in touch with you, please register your details here. Relax, watch a movie, chill. The mock GDs and PIs act as practice sessions for the actual ones and the feedback received on making mistakes is what helped me get better.

Let the IIM worry about this question.

We believe you have checked the program features and decided the course name of your choice. For areas where you are short, pick a couple of areas of improvement, work on them and aim to achieve the benchmark for those areas in the next test you take. Sir, i’m a second yr engg student from iit,i am to start cat preps, what r the pre-requirements to be able to sit for cat? No particular reason that I can think of for the others not mentioning the min cut off.


Register for the Test Click here Experience the simulated test platform View your Performance imz report.


While there is obviously a difference between the approach of successful candidates and those who do not perform well at the CAT, you would be surprised to find that even successful test-takers would have different stories to tell about their test-taking approach and strategy while preparing for the CAT.

You are required to verify the platform before completing any such transaction. Irrespective of test structure of the test tomorrow, you have to focus on doing well.

But simcqts have ideally avoided or kept for later? That should be more than sufficient. As a result I only had to work hard and keep my focus during the last few months which helped me secure this result.

Take the IMS SimCATs and experience the CAT before the CAT

Have faith; you will clear the Quant cut off for tomorrow for the IIMs. In such a case, the higher of the waivers will be applicable.

Hi Malaika, apologies for the late reply. Relax, stay focused siimcats all the best for tomorrow. To know details, write to us at ims imsindia. At the same time, I know of candidates who could not do well in the CAT irrespective of whether they solved tests or none.