Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices by Christopher Hyatt. i think this book provides a means for undoing/changing yourself, but its .. First, to clarify: both Hyatt and Willis were trained in “Reichian”. Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Other Devices By Christopher S . Hyatt, Ph.D. Introductions by Robert Anton Wilson & Israel Regardie.

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Thechannelization of this need, i. Glad you made the topic as I was thinking about making the same one.

C.Hyatt – Undoing Yourself

Is it too much troubleto get a paper and pen? This laugh out loud text on how to break away from robot like process known as human existance can change the way you think and feel if you want to do yoursepf. This seems tobe how de Selby’s subjects edited and orchestrated a jar full of junkinto Pakistani sauce or uranium ore.

As long as ourbiology demands our survival, our primary mode ofoperation is fear. Alas, I had tuned in late and never did catch this chap’s name, whichis a terrible misfortune for me, since I suspect he is the only HonestPolitician in the world. This of course would change the emphasis in our educationalprocesses since we would now have a vested interest in training ourcitizens to be socially responsible and functional.

That is what this question signifies.

One of these items ships sooner than the other. While some of you may notthink so, cessation from struggle is death. Be one of the 13 readers out of a thousand who actually do it beforereading on. The liberal arts, social sciences and civics would thenbecome as important or youreelf so than vocational skills and the hardsciences.


I’ll spend the rest of my life working with this hyyatt. A polemic on materialism or on modern government? Like everything in the world we too are obsolete, nothing is built tolast forever. Our daily attitudes towards mostrelationships and objects are as if we might last forever.

In fact our anxieties arethe most normal things about us and are the fuel and engine fromwhich society and culture are built. One way to understand Energized Meditation, and simultaneouslygrasp the significance of what I have just been saying aboutAristotelian habits, is to apply mathematical subscripts to significantnouns in the manner urgedby the semanticist, Alfred Korzybski. He insists on reminding yourslf, every fewpages, in the most blunt language possible, that most of us most ofthe time are conditioned chimpanzees in a cage.

These critics,who profit from the system they endorse, protect and maintain,which even they admit feeds on the yourselt of social inequities, yourse,f condemning it in lecture and writing as theyblissfully enjoy its fruits. The blood-thirsty nature of Christianity and Democracy — whichis obvious, unfoing, if one listens even for a few minutes to atypical speech by Rev. I recommend the directions that he gives you to read the book twice before doing the meditations.

In other words, this book is about the bio-survival ofthe species and its most observable result—the genetic-class struggle. Sadly, most people will read this book without ever attempting to do the work, which is pointless. Review “The Energized Meditation system is fun and erotic and makes you smarter. This IS what you have to do.


But do not forget to laugh, lest you missthe point. Quite esoteric but in no way a fantasy. Jan 16, Alethea Hammer rated it really liked it.

Many dear friends and associates made suggestions as to what Ishould do regarding the criticisms levelled at this book. Make no mistake about it: Hyatt’s practice was very successful; Jack’s less so.

Undoing Yourself: With Energized Meditation and Other Devices by Christopher S. Hyatt

Still, he has a nice small set of exercises distilled quite nicely here. The woman is frequently seen as the culprit.

Additionallythe hypocrisy created by the non-gnostic Christian, non-Sufi. Hey, what do you mean by “stuff”? Swine were placed in three tiers of cages.

Only Maybe: New Edition of “Undoing Yourself” by Christopher S. Hyatt

Put them in any other grid,and differences still emerge, just as there are no two leaves on an oaktree that are exactly the same in all respects. I have lots of new information about what to work on and how to proceed. How wedo this determines our class in the structure of society, which isbased on presently unalterable biological imperatives.

Folks who attended the first round said: Possession is 9 tenths of the law. Lists with This Book. To view it, click here.