Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series: Books Phantom & Confessor [Terry Goodkind, Sam Tsoutsouvas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Phantom by Terry Goodkind is the tenth book in the Sword of Truth series, and book two of the Chainfire Trilogy. It was first released on July 18, , and. The Paperback of the Phantom (Sword of Truth Series #10) by Terry Goodkind at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The repetition and recaps of previous books are cranked up to 11 almost from the first page, and I feel that of this page book, pages of repeated dialog, unnecessary dialog and descriptions, and recaps of previous books can be completely removed, while leaving the core story of the book almost entirely intact. Alas, I know Goodkind can’t ruing Kahlan for Richard so even though he tries to sell she is suffering like no one else has ever suffered, and yes she is suffering, it pales in comparison to what other innocents experience at his hands.

Books by Terry Goodkind.

She was erased from the memories of all who knew her and anyone who sees her instantly forgets. The previous book was pages of Richard pining for Kahlin. This reads like a draft at times, not like polished copy. I literally feel the disgust swirling in my stomach when I get to seord icky parts. Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the year in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children’s books, and much more.

I wish and hope with no chance of it happening that at the end of the series it is Nicci who gets to kill Jagang. To ask other readers questions about Phantomplease sign up. Goodkind took me to an inconceivable, mind-blowing, but somehow touching sadness.

This book was amazing. That is how much space this book wastes on completely superfluous text.

Sword of Truth 10. Phantom by Terry Goodkind

All three of these books could be Sigh. Okay, I really like the part with Richard after he loses his magic. There is the language of monogamous pair-bonding, which he fundamentally misunderstands in a totally reasonable way.


Richard says that he understands the situations, but Shota remains unconvinced and touches him with her power, opening his mind to see a vision that places Richard in the position of the slaughtered men of Ebissinia, who are condemned to death while listening to the vulgar promises of what the soldiers will do to their wives.

Nov 18, Lourens rated it it was amazing Shelves: Goodkiind, maybe that works for a paragraph or two, but Goodkind drones on and on about it.

Phantom (Sword of Truth, book 10) by Terry Goodkind

I don’t think that I’ve ever read a book where the author intentionally tried to use the title of his book throughout the text. I much prefer the way he writes her when she is forced to fend for herself.

It was very easy to tell which of them had any phanto experience, or any writing experience. After that, the series began slipping downhill. Keith Parkinson’s herry of Richard entering the castle where Kahlan is held prisoner. The major cliffhangers of this lf are: But it’s like Goodkind feels the need to just sit around and talk his ass off, like he thinks it’s building tension by doing so or something, before it ever actually happens.

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She mostly prattles on about how Richard showed her the value of life and fawns over goodkijd. There should have been red ink crossing out that entire section on one of the early drafts so that it could be removed early on in the writing process. The Goodkimd Confessor Prequel: Nicci then uses knowledge gained reading Book pphantom Life to put the Boxes of Orden into play in Richard’s name.

I understand that because so much happened in the past books, Goodkind felt the need to recapitulate all important events just to make the reader really comprehend the philosophy of the Sword of the Truth series.

Richard saves her from the spell a second time. Instead it’s mostly them debating and conjecturing. Look, I don’t care what the volume number is on the book you’re writing. The book ends with a few major cliffhangers: Jagang once again proves that he is a master strategist by revealing that he had never left the Sisters of the Dark’s minds and that by tricking them into thinking their fake bond with Richard was working, he learned much from their quest.


Mar 27, Michael Hannon rated terty did not like it.

Phantom | Sword of Truth Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Back at the Wizard’s Keep, while discussing Richard’s desire to save Kahlan, Zedd states that even though Richard is trying hard, Kahlan is as good as dead. When next the sun rises, the world will be forever changed. Please try again later. Why not just make him a God and get it over with. I still cant believe that Richard goes into Jagang’s main camp and not one person from the old world recognizes him.

Although he does repeat certain phrases or traits about his characters it’s always at a place in the story that needs so I don’t forget! Again, where was the editor? It herry an absolute mess. It’s just such a waste of the reader’s time it’s infuriating.

They tell each other things they’ve already told other characters. But like Richard, like Kahlan, I plan for a day when Goodkind will lie decimated before me, when his monomaniacal vision for what is right will be cast down and ground to dust, when I will discard my shackles and walk free again at least until it’s time to start wading through Robert Jordan.

They stop at the White Horse Inn, and the Sisters are shocked when the innkeeper can see Kahlan and correctly title her. When you strip all of the self-righteous garbage out of the story, Richard putting his mind to a problem is a pretty entertaining thing to read. Will Richard find his breath of life and allow the world to live free? It is explained in the novel as follows: She was erased from the memories of all who knew her and anyone who sees her instantly forgets.

I don’t want to give the ending away though for anyone who is still interested in reading it. Everything ties back to him.