Read more about The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons: Selected Stories and other books by Goli Taraghi. Hesam Fallah looks at ‘Second Chance’, the newest collection of short stories by Iranian writer Goli Taraghi. The doctor knows about my love of writing. She brings me a handful of white paper and some sharp pencils. I sit at the table and am frozen. What should I write?.

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How do you explain this fact? Auntie Azar is constantly preoccupied with the color and softness of her skin.

She comes toward me and puts her hand on my shoulder. But they share the same destination and destiny. Skip to main content.

Books by Goli Taraghi and Complete Book Reviews

The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. And they dream of love, but in a very quiet shadowy way: She laughs at me. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked. Still, my books come taragyi. You are making it up. You have a fantastic imagination, which is clearly palpable in your stories.


Between Two Worlds: An Interview with Goli Taraghi – Words Without Borders

You are always talking about the past—now write about it! He makes two big knots of the hair.

Their destinies are interwoven. No — they set it, for example, before the Revolution or 50 years ago, change the golk. Tomorrow is a holiday and we will eat lunch in the garden, next to the stream. Goli Taraghi’s father Lotfollah Taraghi was a member of parliament, publisher and journalist, and her mother was from a widely cultured family.

It all depends on who reads your book. But I play with it anyway. The nurse takes my elbow.

tarafhi Before classes are over, we are freed. Khatemi comes, for example, and he changes most of the people. Views Read Edit View history. I shake my head. I must take a walk every morning in the garden and eat lunch with the others.

Their hands reach toward me, offering spoons, forks, plates. The doors are closed. I fear the light of day and wish it could be dark all the time.


Tarxghi writers have created a new genre of literature: Dozens of images, like photos fallen together, appear before my eyes: She wears a hat like that. I have one or two very good translators. Her latest collection, published in English, The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sonsincludes ten short stories that cover various moments and eras in the span of her life, taking place in Tehran, Paris, and other cities in between and beyond.

I must talk with the doctor.

I must make her understand that there is a reason for my present instability.