Offers a stimulating introduction to globalization and its varying impacts across, a single conceptual framework, Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a third edition, Manfred Steger, author Professor of Political Science at the University of. Globalization has ratings and 75 reviews. Ahmad said: Globalization: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #86), Manfred B. StegerFor.

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Written in by the German political radicals Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the following passage from their famous Communist Manifesto captures the qualitative shift in social relations that pushed globalization to globalizaton new level gy the modern period.

Today, the company has gone multinational, maintaining close relations to affiliated businesses and sales offices in 65 countries. For those who are looking for a very fundamental critique of globalization, this can be a good summary. Scholars not only hold different views with regard to proper definitions of globalization, they also disagree on its scale, causation, chronology, impact, trajectories, and policy outcomes.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Very Short Introductions

Finally, let me add a word of clarification. Paperbackpages. A Very Short Introduction. The thematic landscape traversed by scholars of cultural globalization is vast and the questions they raise are too numerous to be fleshed out in this short introduction.

Jan 02, remi d rated it it was amazing. Intent on creating a stable money environment, they raised domestic interest rates and linked their national currencies to the value of the US dollar. The reduction of public expenditures, particularly social spending 8. Toward a definition of globalization Since its earliest appearance in the s, the term ‘globalization’ has been used in both popular and academic literature to describe a process, a condition, a system, a force, and an age.

Ultimately evolving from the Westphalian states system, the sovereign, territorial nation-state had emerged by as the modern container of social life.

The Costs and Consequences of American Empire ” is by far the best geopolitical look at globalization. Most criticisms boil down to the charge that such a vision indulges in an abstract idealism that fails to engage current political developments on the level of public policy.

Indeed, the tensions between the forces of particularism and those of universalism have reached unprecedented levels only because interdependencies that connect the local to the global have been growing faster than at any time in history. Liberalization of trade and industry 4.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

The Globalization of Political Violence. Well written, properly cited, and with a balanced review of both positive and cynical takes on the subject. I’m obligated to introductipn it 1 star lol. The most extensive of these trade routes was the Silk Road. The official purpose of the document was to reform the internal economic mechanisms of debtor countries in the developing world so that they would be in a better position to repay the manfree they had incurred.


Unable to halt the ensuing free fall of their currencies, those governments used up their entire foreign exchange reserves. That aside, he quickly takes the reader through the beginning of the world and shows how advancements such as the invention of the wheel and language increased interaction between people and fostered trade. Past the first chapter this book is quite ok. Consider, for example, the following five influential definitions of shoort.

How does globalization occur?

In the resulting cultural clashes, religions with only local significance were transformed into the major ‘world religions’ we know today as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Fortune, 31 July ; GDP: The economic dimension globailzation globalization 4. Indeed, such a critical investigation of globalization’s alleged novelty is closely related to yet another difficult question hotly debated in the fledgling field of globalization studies.

Since globalization contains multifaceted and differentiated processes, it is safe to say that virtually no areas of social life escape its reach. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. A group globapization commentators we might call ‘pessimistic hyperglobalizers’ argue in favour veey the former.

I am grateful to Eldon Wegner, chair of the department of sociology at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa, for his efforts to provide me with valuable office space as well as with the opportunity to teach relevant summer courses in social theory. This disastrous result was only nar- rowly averted by a combination of international bail-out packages and the immediate sale of Southeast Asian com- mercial assets to foreign corporate investors at rock-bottom prices. These three institutions enjoy the privileged position of making and enforcing the rules of a global economy that is sustained by significant power differentials between the global North and South.

An interconnected global legal system with mechanisms of enforcement from the local to the flobalization.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction – Manfred B. Steger – Oxford University Press

Sometimes, exorbitant sums are spent on ill-considered construction projects. For the next 1, years, successive dynasties known as the Han, Sui, T’ang, Yuan, and Ming ruled an empire supported by vast bureaucracies that would extend its influence to such distant regions as tropical Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, India, and East Africa.


After all, Timex Corporation, originally the Waterbury Clock Company, was founded in the s in Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley, known throughout the 19th century as the ‘Switzerland of America’. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Moreover, we could easily imagine different social manifestations of globality: Yet, a large part of the money involved in these global financial exchanges has little to do with supplying capital for such productive investments as putting together machines or organizing raw materials and employees to produce saleable commodities.

By the mids, more than 70 million Kalashnikovs had been manufactured in Russia and abroad. Inthe Peace of Westphalia concluded a series of religious wars among the main European powers following the Protestant Reformation.

The present volume makes the case that globalization is best thought of as a multidimensional set of social processes that resists being confined to any single thematic framework. Open Preview See a Problem?

At the same time, however, the definition of globalization we arrived at in the previous chapter stresses the dynamic nature of the phenomenon.

In fact, the pale colours of bin Laden’s mottled combat dress betrayed its Russian origins, suggesting that he stegef the jacket as a symbolic reminder of the fierce guerrilla war waged by him and other Islamic militants against the Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan during the s. Thousands of workers – mostly from low-wage countries in the global South – bery the driving force behind Timex’s global production process.

After all, the existence of patterns of rising interdependence in the global North does reflect a partial globalization trend, one that is likely to have significant impacts on other regions of the world.

Contemporary globalization has weakened some of the conventional boundaries between domestic and foreign policies while fostering the growth of supraterritorial social spaces and institutions that, in turn, unsettle traditional political arrangements. Fed by a steady stream of materials and resources that originated mostly in other regions of the world, Western capitalist enterprises gained in stature. Transnational production networks augment the power of global capitalism by making it introdutcion for TNCs to bypass nationally based trade unions and other workers’ organizations.

Other editions introduuction View all Globalization: As Roland Robertson notes in his definition, globalization processes also involve the subjective plane of human consciousness.