purpose has been the evaluation of gingival inflammation in children. Gingival Index (GI). The Gingival Index (Löe and Silness, ) was. Download scientific diagram | Gingival index of Loe and Silness from publication: Correlation of oral health of children with acute leukemia during the induction. Download scientific diagram | Gingival index (Loe and Silness ) from publication: A comparative evaluation of topical and intrasulcular application of.

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Subjects were assigned to one of two cohorts; within each cohort, group 1 subjects received a dental prophylaxis following the baseline examination and group 2 subjects received a dental prophylaxis 8 weeks later. Current status of indices of gingivitis. A clinical study was undertaken to monitor the occurrence of gingival bleeding, oedema, and change in colour in subjects with and without periodontal disease, and it was found that the combinations of these clinical symptoms often did not correspond exactly with an index score.

Plaque and gingivitis in the deciduous and permanent dentition. Information about medical and dental history of each subject was obtained during the anamnesis. CI 3 — Calculus covering greater than two-thirds of the buccal tooth surface and extending sub-gingivally.

Therefore, it is more effective to change behavior through the route of behavior itself than through the route of knowledge.

Gingival index – Oxford Reference

GI 1 — Marginal gingivitis with minimal inflammation and edema at the free gingival. Those who reported that they worked outside home presented the lowest values for total gingival index. More Like This Show all results sharing these subjects: Children’s plaque ane was also reduced when their mothers answered that they flossed “always”, showing that mother’s frequency of flossing may reflect their awareness inxex the importance of oral hygiene, which could be transmitted and stimulated in the children.

J Clin Pediatr Dent. A five year longitudinal study of the gingival conditions of a group of children in England.

Periodontal Examination — Gingivitis and Plaque Grading

Abd acquisition of mutans streptococci by infants: Although the social class was not homogeneous in the study group, it should be noticed that these subjects were seeking free treatment at the University. In addition, preventive measures alone, aiming to control plaque accumulation, might not be effective in controlling destructive periodontal disease Albandar, et al.


Periapical and bitewing radiographs were taken in order to assess the presence of any pathologic bone lo. Importantly, the implementation of arbitrary thresholds e. This article has been cited by qnd articles in PMC. Periodontal disease is one of the main causes for tooth loss. The data collected from the mothers’ group and from the children’s group were statistically analyzed both separately and with the two groups together.

Changes in periodontal status of children and young adolescence: The objective of this work was to develop an understanding of how clinicians experienced with GI differ with respect to how they apply GI and to silnness the impact of different examination styles on statistical outcomes and magnitude of treatment differences. The reduced plaque and gingival indexes in these mothers sinless reflect an increased self-esteem, need for a better appearance and possibility of getting more information than those at home.

Periodontal disease in pregnancy. Children’s Gingival Index was correlated to the variables mother’s frequency of flossing, mother with a job, children’s frequency of tooth brushing and children’s age. These data contribute to the findings that dental health behavior appears to be a part of a person’s lifestyle and a significant association between self-esteem and toothbrushing frequency has already been reported MacGregor and Baldin 11 A prospective single-center, examiner-blind study comparing the effects of a staggered prophylaxis on gingivitis was then conducted, where a difference in gingivitis was created between two balanced groups by providing subjects a prophylaxis at two staggered time points.

Declared family income gimgival the socioeconomic class did not influence the oral health of the groups, in contrast to the results found in other ibdex MacGregor, Baldin 11; Tan, et al. The variables that were associated to mother’s plaque index were mother’s age, frequency of flossing and the fact of having a job.


Show Summary Details Overview gingival index. Acta Odontologica Scand ; The significant correlation for plaque index in molar region but not significant in the region of incisors may represent different abilities of plaque removal between mothers and children. In countries where high levels of caries reduction were achieved such loee Denmark, three-quarters of the parents of 6 years old children answered that they believed children less than 10 years old need help from adults in toothbrushing Petersen 20 In addition, interexaminer calibration is a mechanism that can be utilized to minimize the impact of different examiner styles in clinical settings involving more than one examiner.

Plaque Index in the children was correlated to variables such as mother’s idex of flossing, mother’s support during child’s toothbrushing and mother’s having a job. Gingival inflammatory reaction in children at different ages. Search within my subject specializations: J Clin Periodontol ; Graphical analyses were used to profile examiner styles with respect to using the GI index. Prevalence in patient groups and distribution of biotypes and serotypes within families.

Evaluation of reliability and reproducibility of dental indices. The reported behavior and social status were also correlated to clinical indexes in children, and the results are shown in Table 5.

April 26, – Modification: The composition of subgengival microflora in two groups of children with and without primary dentition alveolar bone loss. A Dutch study pointed out that a quarter of 12 years-old children were not supervised in their oral home care Petersen 20 Effect of increased community and professional awareness of plaque control on the management of inflammatory periodontal diseases.

The fidelity of initial acquisition of mutans streptococci by infants from their mothers. Lndex in to annotate. There are a large number of gingival indices used in current clinical practice: Periodontal disease; Plaque and gingival indexes; Oral hygiene habits; Mothers; Children.

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