FM3A Film SLR User Manual. What is this? This is the “FM3A Film SLR User Manual” in Adobe PDF format. Nikon user manuals available from. View and Download Nikon FM3A instruction manual online. FM3A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Nikon FM3A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual.

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Why did Nikon do that at the start of the digital era?

Nikon FM3a – The Last Mohican

B3 type and E3 type. Many consider the Nikon FM3a the best Nikon ever made! Before compensation In flash photography when the main subject is far away or near the edge of the viewfinder frame, overexposure may occur, as the reflected light may be insufficient. Page 47 F,3a How to distinguish the applicable types. Maybe the last of the Nikon cameras to elicit that level of pride by employees. Checking the Battery Power Check the battery power after installing a new battery or new batteries before starting shootings.

Frames of odd numbers are indicated by dots between the manhal numbers. In this ingenious finder, it is easy to see the fm3aa of stops by which the camera is over or under the correct exposure.

The best option is to bookmark this site or print them into hard copies via a printer or just saved those pages to your hard disk. Message Board for your Nikkor optics ” shared ” because I do wish some of you to expose fmm3a other’s perspective as well. Controls In Detail Controls in Detail To use the camera skillfully, you need to understand its mamual and features.

Take a few test shots before shooting important events like weddings or graduations. Nikon Auto Focus Nikkor lenses: To advance the film on the film-takeup spool, pull out the film-advance lever to the standoff Align the shutter-speed indicator and the exposure-meter indicator. Page of 56 Go. Naturally, if there are any discrepancies arising from the content ported here in this site, Nikon’s own version of the Instruction Manual should always be the correct guide whenever technical issues relates.


Flash Photography Flash Photography Flash photography is not only useful when shooting in a dark place.

When using non-DX- coded film, set the film speed manually. You cannot use it in Manual Exposure mode. Controls in Detail 23 Shutter-Speed Dial 24 Film-Advance Lever 25 Manual Film-Speed Setting 26 Exposure-Compensation Indicator 27 Frame Counter 29 Depth of Field Preview Lever 29 Film-Plane Indicator 30 Accessory Shoe and Sync-Cord Terminal 30 Steps of Advanced Photography 31 Manula Photography 32 AE-Lock Photography Holding the Camera How to press the shutter-release button How to hold the camera Grip the camera in your right hand and look through the viewfinder.

The mabual count-down time of the self-timer is approx. It had the advantages of the FM and FM2n, generally regarded as two of the most reliable cameras ever built both in terms of operation under extreme conditions and in day-to-day reliability reports from repair shops and magazine surveys. Hansen, Lars Holst http: When the film-speed index is set tothe film speed is automatically set ISO 25 to The camera’s classic metal construction also attracted customers wanting a camera built to earlier generation standards.

Nikon FM3A | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rewinding The Film Rewinding the Film When the end of the roll of film is reached, the film-advance lever will not advance further. The FM3a was built to a level of workmanship and material quality beyond that of manial competitive cameras available during its short production run.

The FM3a has a hybrid shutter that operates either mechanically or electronically.

The FM3a appeals primarily to photographers interested in full control over their photography, as well as reliability and durability in a camera to be used hard out of doors. The following example shows the Nikon SB Speedlight attached to the camera.

The photographer selects “A” on the shutter speed dial, switches on the meter in the normal way, and selects the F-stop on the lens, and the camera body selects the shutter speed steplessly. When mounted, a compatible flash will activate a ready light in the viewfinder.


Which required a battery. The full performance of this camera can only be obtained with Nikon brand accessories. Exposure-compensation Indicator Exposure-Compensation Indicator If there is an manjal difference in brightness between the main subject and the background e. Although for the first time in history, they were lagging behind Canon cameras,…at least in the megapixel race.

Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual

Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number: When you pull the film-advance lever to the mabual position and lightly press the shutter-release button, the exposure-meter turns on and the exposure in- dication appears in the viewfinder.

Like the FM2n and its predecessors the FM3a allows manual operation with a fully mechanical shutter. When images do not overlap, no compensation is necessary. Page 33 TTL flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level of flash illumination.

The Nikon FM3a is the last of the 35mm maanual manual SLRs, of course you had Leica,…another digital holdoutand one of the last film cameras released in the 21st century,… other than the F6.

TTL flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level mznual flash illumination. Earlier versons of the 35mm F2.

While holding down the expo- sure-compensation lock release buttonrotate the film-speed setting ring Set the compensation msnual to the desired compensation value. The FM3a was frequently sold as a ‘kit’ camera with a 45mm F2. Remember that the digitization of all that was photographic was in full gear.