Buy El Secreto De La Atlantida by Clive Cussler, Ana Alcaina Pérez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. Clive Cussler is a collector of automobiles and, like his character Dirk Pitt, lives a life of adventure discovering and collecting things of historical significance. El Secreto De La Atlantida by Clive Cussler at – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo – – Softcover.

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Together they had three children, Teri, Dirk and Dayna who have given him four grandchildren.

El secreto de la atlántida de clive cussler (de bolsillo) | Libros | Pinterest

Dirk Pitt Revealed We see that javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser – javascript is needed for important actions on the site. The Navigator Grade 2 [Braille] Paperback. La cueva de los vikingos A regular name in Cussler novels was Leigh Hunt. After his discharge from the military, Cussler went to work in the advertising industry, first as a copywriter and later as a creative director for two of the nation’s most successful advertising agencies.

Secreto De La Atlantida, El

El oro de los inca Then the Albatross dipped in the traditional flyer’s acknowledgment of defeat and vanished as suddenly and mysteriously as it had appeared. Like Pitt, Bell has an affinity for automobiles and is a crack shot. He blows the Albatros back cuseler the oblivion from which it came, ripping open a mammoth half-century-old conspiracy in the process. I had studied most of the other series heroes and I figured it would be fun for mine to be different and put him in and around water.

But as Pitt banked his lumbering World War II amphibious plane and Giordino braced himself, rifle in hand, at the open waist-hatch, the vintage marauder reappeared.


However, both claims sfcreto to have elements of truth. Walhalla [Le livre de poche, ] Paperback.

The Pitt novels, in particular, have the anything-goes quality of the James Bond or Indiana Jones movies, while also sometimes borrowing from Alistair MacLean’s novels.

Summer Pitt Friends, etc. As much as she’s willing to reveal to Pitt, there’s one secret she holds back: The crew is adept at disguises, combat, computer hacking and more to aid their missions. Der Schlierseer Winkl Hardcover. Hunley expedition, directed by underwater archaeologist Dr. Where Crichton strove for scrupulous realism, however, Cussler prefers fantastic spectacles and outlandish plot devices.

El secreto de la Atlántida (Dirk Pitt 15) by Clive Cussler on Apple Books

But on that trail, danger and death are never far behind In the introduction to “Arctic Drift,” Cussler says there was a real Leigh Hunt cusslrr died in and the novel is dedicated to him. Spence claims he relocated it with a magnetometer at various times in the s but it was always buried and without the proper permits was unable to do any excavation on the site. Cusslfr appearing to be a decrepit freighter, it’s actually a high-tech advanced ship used by the Corporation, under the leadership of Juan Cabrillo.

The Sea Hunters That was largely financed by ,a, thus his claim to atlantid discovered it. Pitt has come to the Aegean to hunt down the mysterious saboteur preying on First Attempt – the ship’s mission is to search for a missing evolutionary link, a rare and possible extinct fish – but connecting the sabotage onboard to the attack on Brady Field, Dirk Pitt knows he’s onto something bigger.

I would put the kids to bed, and then I had nothing to do and nobody to talk to, so I would write.


Clive Cussler married Barbara Knight inand they remained married for nearly fifty years until her death in Secrdto first ironclad of the civil war, formerly the icebreaker Enoch Train.

Cussler said he has filed an appeal for reversal in the hopes that some of those funds may be refunded back to him. As part of his duties Cussler produced radio and television commercials, many of which won international awards including an award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

El secreto de la Atlántida (Dirk Pitt 15)

El imperio del agua He concluded that they were. His encounters with a psychotic ex-nazi, a vicious narcotics dealer, a bloodthirsty Greek strongman and a beautiful double-agent set him finally on the trail of the mastermind behind a devastating sabotage plot.

In his efforts to uncover the source behind the sabotage of a scientific expedition, Pitt finds himself in the company of a psychopathic ex-Nazi; an unrelenting narcotics agent; a savage, bloodthirsty Greek strongman; a beautiful double-agent; and an amateur egg-head commando group. Cussler owns a large collection of classic cars, several of which driven by Pitt appear in his novels.

Brady Air Force Base, ten miles away, was under fire, its entire force of jets destroyed on the ground His most famous creation is marine engineer, government agent and adventurer Dirk Pitt.

The ship is run like a business, with its crew shareholders, taking jobs for the CIA and other agencies to help stop atlantia and other crimes.