Ecce Homo has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: For whom am I writing this review? If Nietzsche were by my side I suspect he would want me to. In late , only weeks before his final collapse into madness, Nietzsche ( ) set out to compose his autobiography, and Ecce Homo remains one. Ecce Homo is an autobiography like no other. Deliberately provocative, Nietzsche subverts the conventions of the genre and pushes his philosophical positions.

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. On the Genealogy of Morals and Ecce Homo. English Choose a language for shopping. The task is not simply to master what happens to resist, but what requires us to stake all our strength, suppleness, and fighting skill-opponents that are our equals. That is why I needed a word that had the meaning of a provocation for everybody.

Not really like a traditional autobiography yet very intriguing; the book is satirical. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. I was fully awake now and, for the first time in a “normal” state of consciousness, having vivid hallucinations.

Apr 30, Gaurav rated it it was amazing Shelves: How this came about is, as Cate observes in an epilogue, a remarkable story in its own right, but the bulk of his endeavour is devoted to a pain-staking account of Nietzsche’s life and a handy exposition of his ideas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Who knows to breath the air of my texts knows that it is the air of the heights, a strong air.

In effect, Nietzsche was putting himself on trial with this work, and his sardonic judgments and chapter headings are mordant, mocking, self-deprecating, sly, and they turn this trial against his future accusers, distorters, and superficial judges. The Will to Power.


Superman in the mirror

Then, realizing they weren’t following though I could hear them back there, in the roomI settled down in the brightest of all the rooms in the house, nietzscue kitchen, and sat there, slowly calming, until my coop-mates started filtering back from the concert. PaperbackPenguin Classicspages. But this question nieztsche is at bottom its own answer. Scholars who at bottom do little nowadays but thumb books—philologists, at a moderate estimate, about a day—ultimately lose entirely their capacity to think for themselves.

I temi dominanti sono quelli classici nietzschiani che ripercorre durante la descrizione dei suoi scritti: To detach oneself, to separate oneself from anything that would make it necessary to keep saying No. He guesses what remedies avail against what is harmful; he exploits bad accidents to his advantage; what does not kill him makes him stronger. This was clearly not an undertaking with a great promise of success, and he actually did nietzsceh the production of the book at an advanced stage though the reasons he gave for this act to various persons were all contradictory.

Socrates is recognized for the first time as an instrument of Greek disintegration, as a typical decadent. He never looked at his pain as an obstacle but a new way of life so the suffering never stopped him of being an exceptional nitzsche of all time.

Ecce Homoa short philosophical autobiography easy to read, throws a raw light on Nietzsche’s work, that emanating from an acute awareness of imminent madness held in reverence by an impressive megalomaniac power Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Review: Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate | Books | The Guardian

The reason in this is that when defensive expenditures, be they ever so small, become the rule and a habit, they entail an extraordinary and entirely superfluous impoverishment. If not, I will describe it. Nietzsche regarded profound problems as bommo did “a cold bath – quick in, quick out”. It would be permissible to consider the second contradiction the more decisive one, since I take the overestimation of goodness and benevolence on a large scale for a consequence of decadence, for nietsche symptom of weakness, irreconcilable with an ascending, Yes-saying life: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.


And this is what he did himself despite all the physical and emotional pain and suffering that he had gone through his life. Dioniso contro il Crocifisso”.

Ecce Homo by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Mar 21, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. Nietzche’s extensive influence on contemporary thought is certainly without question. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was born in Prussia in Jung, particularly his alchemical writings. The concept of revelation—in the sense that suddenly, with indescribable certainty and subtlety, something becomes visible, audible, something that shakes one to the last depths and throws one down—that merely describes the facts.

A few days later, a friend went up to Nietzsche’s room and, in Cate’s words, “was confronted by an appalling spectacle. This does not alter the intellectual quality of the work, in which the author recounts the genesis of his texts, but especially the way it is perceived.

The painting on the cover is very good. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Transvaluation of all values: Supposedly the fingerprints of the imminent breakdown are scattered all over these pages. That is neither Apollinian nor Dionysian; it negates all aesthetic values—the only values recognized in The Birth of Tragedy: And then I negate a type of morality that has become prevalent and predominant as morality itself—the morality of decadence or, more concretely, Christian morality.

But there is a tonal thing with Nietzsche I can never get beyond.