English (US). 1-Feb kB. Powerware UPS ( kVA) Installation and Operation Manual for UPS with serial number 7th digit at B. English (US). These efficiencies are for guidance only. Actual unit and system efficiencies will vary based on site design/conditions and environmental parameters. Parallel. UPS output power rating (0,9 p.f.). kVA, 40, 60, 80, , , kW, 36, 54, 72, 90, , General. Efficiency in double conversion mode (full load), 94%.

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Eaton Backup Power UPS for 20 to kVA

To avoid these negative effects, the uses a special input circuit that keeps current THD at less than 4. Completely accessible for service and maintenance from front panel Top and bottom cable entry Voltage Options Conventional V and V for standard US system designs Available V for higher efficiency US system designs Powerware Hot Sync Easily expand system capacity Sync parallel configurations without fail-prone control wires Advanced Battery Management Cyclical battery charging increases service life of batteries, reducing total cost of ownership Sophisticated battery condition monitoring, testing, and alerts identify potential problems before they affect your load Low Total Harmonic Distortion Low input THD ensures compatibility with extended backup power sources generators.

At full load upss battery discharge. Siteserver English US.

Eaton 9390 UPS

The has delivered excellent energy efficiency since its introduction to the market, helping facilities save thousands in energy costs over traditional UPS designs. Electrical solutions for multi-tenant and colocation data centers line card.

Eaton’s TAA compliant products. Power factor performance maximizes compatibility and meets high power factor load requirements Power factor PF describes the slight phase shift between voltage applied to a circuit and current that the circuit draws in response to the applied voltage. The width of this configuration is a compact Advanced battery management optimizes battery performance and service life The UPS offers innovative technologies to maximize the health and service life of its internal and external batteries: This additional energy savings is achieved through advanced power core technology, and continues to provide the load with maximum protection.


Two communications bays standard. Older or worn equipment often results in lower power factor readings. Lithium Batteries English US. If any battery string fails, the remaining strings continue to support the load — thus eliminating a key potential single point of system failure. The achieves optimum reliability and flexibility with the following design features:.

Eaton 9390-120 Model – 120kVA 208 Volt

On output, the ultra high-speed switching pulse width modulation PWM inverter enables the to uos its full rated power capability to the load, down to 0. Cellwatch gives hospital immunity against battery failure. Eaton Cellwatch battery monitoring system. Performance features to maximize compatibility Low input current THD enhances generator compatibility Electronic devices and UPSs are built with some components that are non-linear. The achieves earon reliability and flexibility with the following design features: Life cycle checklist 1 page version English US.

Eaton UPS brochure. Or complete this quick form. The UPS offers innovative technologies to maximize the health and service life of its internal and external batteries:. Some of the efficiencies and benefits of this alternative voltage powering are: Learn more about pus service offered.


Due to the ‘s built in high-efficiency capability, it operates in a consistent, efficient status without compromising power protection.

Filmwerks International English US. The energy-efficient Eaton UPS provides backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for mid-size data centers, eatob equipment and other critical systems.

And with front access, the can be placed in a corner or against a wall—easily available for service and saving valuable space. Features and Benefits Transformer-less design Increased efficiency over transformer-based UPSs Smaller footprint and higher power density Lower installation and shipping costs Flexible Installation Mount directly next to a wall or even in a corner. Two building alarms inputs and one summary alarm contact 5A V standard; Four more building alarm inputs available with the Communications Expansion.

Eaton UPS application with 4-pole input switches.

Questions before you buy Email link above or call us Toll free: Retrofit applications The is perfect for retrofit operations. Additional information Weight lbs. Eaton seismic kit installation manual. If the power source can’t respond to all frequencies demanded by the circuit, then further distortion of the applied voltage may occur—creating more complication.

Your best defense against Downtime! Eaton helps Chicago thwart potential disaster English US. When an existing UPS is exceeding capacity but has no room to expand, or when the service contract is expiring, the existing UPS can be removed and replaced with a that offers more power in less space.