Dobrica Ćosić was a Serbian politician, writer, and political theorist. He was the first president . Dаleko je sunce (); Koreni (); Deobe (); Akcija (); Bаjkа (); Moć i strepnje (); Vreme smrti (–) . Cosic writes that “it was as if that person was the only one entrusted with and 23 Dobrica Cosic, Deobev. 1 (Belgrade: Prosveta, ) 24 Cosic, Deobe, v. Dobrica Ćosić (Velika Drenova, kod Trstenika, Kraljevina SHS, decembra . roman Deobe (), u kome se Ćosić ponovo vraća Drugom svjetskom ratu.

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He was especially enthusiastic in his advocacy of the rights of the Serb and Montenegrin populations of Kosovo. He was especially upset at the regime’s inclination to grant greater autonomy to Kosovo and Vojvodina.

And this war will be no different. After the liberation of Belgrade in Octoberhe remained active in communist leadership positions, including work cosif the Serbian republican Agitation and Propaganda commission and then as a people’s representative from his home region.

Dobrica Ćosić Deobe – Free Download PDF

There are many of you around. Dborica rated it it was amazing Sep 11, All in all, many writers believe that republican and national bureaucratism and etatism are better and more bearable, and perhaps more democratic, than that federal, ‘Belgrade,’ version.

They hate us, they will be revenged on us. Views Read Edit View history.

Yes, even more than bread. If communist intellectuals are morally defeated, if ddeobe do not have the strength and courage to accept responsibility for the fate of revolutionary Marxist truth, then our epoch will be the epoch of defeated humanism.

The fear of forests, skies, Morava, paths, fear of day and night, sons inherit from their fathers; fear is in the blood, eyes, hands, and smiles, and songs; fear is love, and hate; it is an immeasurable, primeval richness. We became simply those who slaughtered and those who were to be slaughtered, just daggers and necks. Our fateful error from the Balkan wars to now is that we, politicians, intellectuals, and all sorts of ideologues, gave in to the miserly, marketplace mentality: European armies withdrew to their trenches, with white flags raised in the air…there was a Croat, metal worker, revolutionary, secretary of the Communist party, who entered the history of Yugoslavia, the Balkans and Dobricq with his strong step, with new ideas, angry and tender voice, different in every way from any leader, general, or politician to that point in cosc Balkans; he was a man called cosid alter the fate of this land, to mark its most decisive epoch with his name and work.


One historian has noted that in spite of the economic logic of the liberal market reform position, many Serbian economists nonetheless gravitated to the conservative position out of a sense of national loyalty.

Was the security dobgica out of control?

From Dissident Poet to Most Wanted”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The party felt that culture was of less import and thus best left to surrogate forums.

Dobrica Ćosić Deobe

Democracy is the right to go hungry. Interestingly, there is very little consideration of cultural questions in those deliberations, with the exception of a few submissions that question the very absence of a strong statement on the role of culture in the building of socialism in Yugoslavia. He was the first president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from Mihiz in the Sixties.

This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Engagement and Disillusionment, — p. Inhe became the president of Federal Republic of Yugoslaviawhich consisted of Serbia and Montenegro.

Izbor iz radova Zagreb: The days of administrative guidance were past, and writers enjoyed a comfort zone cosc allowed them to debate important issues without the overt interference of the party. Throughout the entire world. In December,an extraordinary meeting of the League of Writers of Yugoslavia met in Belgrade to discuss the proposal, among others.

In he found himself in Budapest during the Hungarian revolt. The party—especially the ideological commission—was confounded cosjc the debate, concerned but not necessarily well informed.


This report concluded that the security services in Kosovo actively persecuted those of Albanian deobd. When the future becomes the past, the concept of hope is called into question, for the future means hope. Six days later, it produced a preliminary report which was presented to representatives of the League of Communists of Serbia and Serbs who served in federal capacities. My feeling has been for a long time that the only realistic solution is one that in fact was offered by the President of Serbia [i.

But when the reversal of time finally halts, the result is not as it had been at the beginning the stoppage of time, but the stoppage of everything. But extant documents indicate that only 37 writers signed, with Serbs being most represented. The conservative position found support among some, but not all, Serbian economists.

Both the Museum and Kamonija feel rather run of the mill today, thanks to a half-century of examinations coslc their forms of evil.

Deobe, knjiga III by Dobrica Ćosić

He would make reference to it on many occasions thereafter, especially in the s. That must mean that you are dead. For the first time, the LCY re-examined the organization of the state, albeit from a purely economic perspective. There is a criminal law code and anyone who insults the civil integrity of the President of the Republic and bugs sobrica quarters should be judged according to it.

University of California Press, Concluding his first foray, he acknowledged problems in state security and took some responsibility for those problems:. Divisions would be his final novel as a committed Titoist; it was written with the same goal that had animated Roots: Part of his problem was that he simply did not get out much: