SYNTHES. 1. Implants. 2. Indications/Contraindications. 4. DHS® Plate. 6. DHS® Trochanter Stabilizing Plate. DCS® Plate 95°. Assembling the insertion. DHS Blade and Locking Trochanter Stabilization Plate (LTSP) is designed for the treatment of proximal femoral fractures, and is especially beneficial for patients. Reinserting the DHS/DCS guide wire. 1 Use a DHS variable angle guide to insert DCS, DHS and Synthes are trademarks of Synthes, Inc. or its affiliates.

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As far as we know, we are the first to use the new system starting inas indicated, for elective treatment dsh fractures of highly porotic bone. Following medical clearance, surgery was performed by the Orthopaedic Trauma Service. The new coupling unless one uses a conventional plate with the DHS blade or a conventional screw with the LCP-DHS has the advantage that it blocks rotation of the head on the screw and that the screws can be used for angular fixation particularly useful in osteoporotic bone.

Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Type of fracture fixation has been shown to have a significant influence dhe outcome. The purpose of this study was to compare the standard compression hip screw versus the Medoff sliding plate for the treatment of intertrochanteric hip fractures in a randomized prospective fashion.

Sectra enters South Korean market by signing digital pathology distribution agreement with HuminTec.

Additionally, the Seinsheimer Type V grouping was used to identify those peritrochanteric fractures with reverse obliquity. The conventional head screw may be replaced with a spiral blade that is inserted and definitively placed by compression.

A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. These factors may help reduce the incidence of fixation failure especially in the unstable fracture pattern. Sternum arthrodesis plate Titanium Depuy Synthes. The stable fractures J, 29 DHS and 17 Medoff healed without complication in both treatment groups.



Ninety-one fractures were treated with DHS versus 69 with the Medoff. From November thru December all intertrochanteric hip fractures were treated with either a standard compression hip screw device DHS, Synthes or Medoff sliding plate Medpak. One-hundred eighty-two fractures in patients were randomized to the study group.

This study presents the syntthes of trochanteric fractures, a review of the literature on the outcome after various treatment options sliding screw plate, first and second generation intramedullary nail and on the evolution of techniques and materials reported in clinical trials.

Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business. The review is followed by a description of a recent Synthes product which, compared with external-internal fixation systems, locking compression plate LCP and less invasive stabilization system plate LISS employing the principle of angular stable plate-screw fixation, the company has extended for use with the DHS based on concepts developed with these systems for the diaphyseal plate and intramedullary trochanteric nails for the proximal head screw.

Synthess slide plate axial compression averaged 15 mm.

Synthes DHS Plate Set 105.35 Universal Orthopedic Surgical

Fractures were classified according to the modified Evans Jensen classification for intertrochanteric fractures. The Ethica Award, the highest honour of the European cardiovascular Cite this article as.

Medicus announces diagnostic-data mobility initiative Medicusa Vienna-based synthee health company, is proud to announce Mode of failure in both groups consisted of screw cut out thru the femoral head with varus collapse and could not be attributed to technical error.

For the study group, fractures, follow-up averaged 9.

X-rays were examined to determine degree of compression screw collapse in both plates, as well as axial slide plate compression, in addition to synyhes of fracture healing. Many complications of this injury are directly related to factors beyond the sytnhes control such as advanced age and associated medical illness. The DHS Blade also consists of a shaft part and a blade part, which ensures an optimal anchorage of the DHS blade in the femoral head for different bone sizes.


One-hundred and seventeen females, 61 males, average age 76 range Hip fractures continue to be a major cause of death and disability among the elderly.

The last day shs the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last Ten patients died during the perioperative period and an additional 12 patients were lost to follow-up within two months of surgery.

Patients syntues randomized according to medical record number. Intraoperative blood loss, surgical time and immediate fracture reduction and hardware placement were recorded. The hip screw portion of the plate performs in standard fashion and allows compression along the femoral neck.

Synthes DHS Implants Set # (Each) – INCOMPLETE

The Medoff sliding plate has a vertical channel that forms a sliding tract allowing subsequent axial compression as the fracture settles. More products from this supplier. Stefan Burkart syntues Entscheiderfabrik The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last Follow-up was obtained at routine intervals with clinical and radiographic exam until fracture union.

It is highly beneficial for patients with poor quality bone e.

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A Randomized Prospective Study. Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business by appointing Its features and benefits include increased rotational stability, better anchorage in the femoral head, increased support surface, and less cut-out. In our clinic, about cases are treated with this system on average every year. Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business snythes appointing