Among the ameloblastomas, the desmoplastic variation is rare. The desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is characterized by specific clinical, imaging, and. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is a rare variant of ameloblastoma, and less than patients have been reported in the literature. The present case. Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare variant of ameloblastoma. 90 cases of desmoplastic ameloblastoma have been reported so far in literature. We are.

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The first detailed report on the desmoplastic variant of ameloblastoma in the English literature was given in by Eversole, 6 who described three cases and called it an ‘ameloblastoma with pronounced desmoplasia’ The World Health Organization WHO classification of odontogenic tumors includes desmoplastic type as a rare variation of ameloblastoma. Grade I mobility of 21 and 22 was also noticed.

Infrequent clinicopathological findings in ameloblastomas, J Oral Pathol Med, Desmoplastic ameloblastoma DA is a relatively rare histological variant of ameloblastoma with specific clinical, radiological, and histological features.

Pathology of the desmoplastic ameloblastoma. The lesion was treated via enucleation and curettage of the marginal bone and fenestration. A case ddsmoplastic and literature review. Pathology of the desmoplastic ameloblastoma, J Oral Pathol Med, Report of five cases and review of ameloblashoma. DA displays a significantly higher recurrence rate after enucleation than after resection [ 3 ]. Histologically, DA is characterized by the presence of extensive stromal collagenization or desmoplasia containing small nests and strands of odontogenic epithelial tissue [ 2 — 6 ].

Many surgeons prefer a radical surgical approach in the form of resection as management of all types of ameloblastoma as it is a formidable tumor due to its local aggressive nature and its tendency to recur [ ameloblastima25 ].


The biologic behavior of the lesion is still dezmoplastic. We performed a clinicopathological analysis of the approximately 30 cases of hybrid ameloblastoma reviewed by Rai et al. Unusual ameloblastoma with extensive stromal desmoplasia. Immunoexpression of transforming growth factor beta in desmoplastic ameloblastoma.

Matsuo A, Ueno S.

A case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma of the maxilla Bull Tokyo Dent Coll,9: Histologically, the tumor might be misdiagnosed as another odontogenic tumor, as the characteristic palisading layer of ameloblastoma may not be present in all the epithelial clusters, particularly if the biopsy specimen is small. A repeatedly recurrent desmoplastic ameloblastoma after removal and allobone graft: The follicular type has 4 subtypes, the spindle cell type, desmolpastic type, granular type, and basal cell type [ 1 ].

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The presence of osteoplastic bone can also present similarly. A radical approach to its treatment is recommended as in a case of conventional ameloblastoma.

Case Reports in Pathology

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma s is found predominantly in anterior or premolar regions of dssmoplastic jaws. Extensive desmoplasia was seen throughout the stroma compressing the epithelial islands [ Figure 3 ]. Biological profile based on cases from the literature and own files. Since a longer follow-up period of 10 years is the gold standard for ameloblastoma [ 24 ], we have planned a meticulous follow-up for this patient.

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Desmoplastic ameloblastoma, odontogenic tumor, stromal desmoplasia. Hybrid ameloblastoma lesions were first described by Waldron and El-Mofty [ 13 ] as a tumor variant in which areas of follicular and plexiform ameloblastoma coexist with areas that are characteristic of DA.


Desmoplastic ameloblastomas of he mandible: Desmoplastic ameloblastoma amekoblastoma the mandible. Indian J Dent Res. Since then, there had been gradual increase in the size of swelling to its present size. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma in Indians: The present case is a hybrid ameloblastoma composed of areas of DA and follicular ameloblastoma. World Health Organization Classification of Tumors. This article has aemloblastoma cited by.

Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma: A Case Report

Odontogenic epithelial islands composed of: Some current concepts on the pathology of ameloblastomas. It presents radiologically as unilocular or multilocular radiolucencies.

Deamoplastic aggressiveness may be due to 1 potential to grow to a large size; 2 the common location in the maxilla leading to an early invasion of adjacent structures; 3 the diffuse radiographic appearance, and 4 histologic finding of bone invasion. This article has been cited by 1 Clinicopathological characteristics of desmoplastic ameloblastoma: DA is reported to occur in the anterior or premolar region of either maxilla or mandible.

On examination, a bony hard swelling was seen in relation to 21, 22 and 23 on the buccal aspect measuring about 2. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; None, Conflict of Interest: Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences. Microcysts that contain eosinophilic amorphous deposits amrloblastoma appear empty may occur centrally.

The present case exhibited abundant collagen fibers in the connective tissue stroma. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma in the mandible.