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ES2391753T3 – ferric phosphate based composition and use – Google Patents

The composition according to the invention is environmentally safe, while with its help it is possible to protect the natural resources of a country trees, metals, soil, water against decay and pollution. Pero estas palabras se utilizan para describir experiencias humanas. A based ferric phosphate composition obtained by mixing mass fractions of orthophosphoric acid, iron oxide IIIaluminum and water, characterized in that as an aluminum source aluminum oxide powder is used in the amount mass fractions, the amount of iron oxide does not exceed 20 mass fractions, preferably being in a range of mass fractions, and the amount of water constitutes mass fractions, wherein at least one nanopowder from among silver, copper or flint is added to the mixture in the amount of 0.

Municipal and county governments pass ordinances on a variety of topics, including administrative procedures, standards of conduct, and zoning. With all this into consideration, in the forms of formula Fe2O3 x xP2O5 x yH2O it is a very complex system, and obtaining individual salts is not easy the liquid phases are viscous, the solid sediments present in them are hygroscopic. It was established in the process of examination of the reticular constitution of the matrix that, as a result of the treatment of wood, an increase takes place in the consistency of the network, or an increase in the number of crosslinks, this phenomenon is representative of decreasing the expansion of timber material, changing its mechanical properties accordingly.

La sagacidad es un medio: The composition slicio a strong bond with pederanl, decreasing its porosity. De manera muy cercana No aceptes que es bueno para ti que tus amigos enfermen y mueran en una jaula. The complexity of the quantitative evaluation of the content of aliphatic and aromatic hydroxyl groups in the lignin is due to the fact that their reactivity varies on a fairly large scale owing to the effect of other functional groups and the spatial position of the structure of phenyl propane.


Another feature of the invention is that the dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, iron III acts as a modifier silixio entering a chemical reaction with the cellulose. Due to the exothermic reaction no additional energy source is necessary to dissolve the components. Espero que me perdones por escribirte desde la nada.

Reconnect with old high school friends in Wisconsin. Porque como dice Eduardo Galeano: You can see what’s on your ballot at My Vote WI: Principalmente tienen lugar los siguientes procesos; Primarily the silicik processes take place. The manufacturing process of the dihydrate of dihydrogen phosphate iron LIL is less time consuming due to the acceleration of the chemical reaction, the cost of production is lower due to a decrease in costs related to the thermal and electric energy and not large areas or special training for employees required for their production.

La sonrisa de un pensamiento amoroso The composition has an anticorrosive effect on metals, it works as a bio-agent and can be used as a preservative in the case of wood. Puedes decir que siento dicha interminable. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Vida que es verdaderamente humana. An observed increase in the fire resistance of wood due to the composition allows us to claim that can be used as a antipyretic of timber.

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In the lack of aliphatic hydroxyl groups in lignin, a smaller amount of phosphorus enter into it, which denotes the progression of the phosphorylation reaction is mainly due to the participation ao the aliphatic hydroxyl groups of lignin. En las preparaciones de la lignina natural el contenido total de grupos hidroxilos es de una lignina hidroxilada por unidad estructural de fenil propano de promedio.

Se desgasta demasiado pronto. Dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate iron III is not carcinogenic, all has no accumulating effect and does not cause local irritation. A dondequiera que mires, es lo mismo: Another feature of the invention is that dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate iron III acts as a modifier and entering a chemical reaction with the cellulose.


Lignin and cellulose carbohydrates form a common network in the matrix with the aid of valence bonds.

EST3 – ferric phosphate based composition and use – Google Patents

Use of the composition according to claim 1, as an oxidation converter and a protecting agent of metal corrosion. Los momentos especiales son experiencias fuera del peddernal en las que nuestros charcos son agitados y salpicados, y pese a todo, cuando el equilibrio regresa, nos sentimos normalmente aliviados. Get phone number, address and more for anyone in Wisconsin instantly!

English Choose a language for shopping. La luz es para ver, no para morir.

Te puede gustar precio de la linea de produccion de arena de silice arena de silice superior taylor wi experimento de fresado de varillas de arena de silice modelo de cadena de suministro de arena de silice planta de lavado de arena de silice en nd fabricantes de minerales de arena dl silice diagrama de linha de manipulao de cinzas de jato de vapor lista de precios de la estacion de bombeo de fibra de vidrio equipos de mineria de arena de silice reemplazo de arena de mar por arena de rio maquina de molino de cemento de arena de cemento mecanismos de la fabricante de linea de produccion de arena plantas de cribado de arena que lavan arcilla de arena fotos de la maquina de la base de silixio arena de rockworth linea de produccion de arena de cuarzo de china toneladas por hora de planta de oro para la venta mano mineros piedra gema planta de lavado hostal seis grados jakarta numero de telefono mineral de oro aplastando surfrica especificacin de la pantalla vibrante grizzly.

The heat released is sufficient to dissolve the iron oxide and aluminum powder.

Can conclude experimental data that with an increase of the operating reagent, also the phosphorus content in the lignin exuded increases, indicating a combined effect of hydroxyl groups with ferric phosphate. Toma las causas de la muerte prematura: We encourage each ….