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Dearest Traitor : Patricia Wilson :

Apr 20, Sapheron wjlson it it was amazing Shelves: There are some really good supportive female dearwst in this book. So Steven thought that if he didn’t “lead” Georgina on, she wouldn’t stop fighting him or she wouldn’t believe him if he told her he loved her? She does manage to pay attention to the H’s romantic and heartfelt lovely declaration of true love forever and the unicorn banishment moment is truly fabulous.

Fast forward 5 years and Steven has come back home, where Georgina has grown up and changed drastically, in the place of the girl he left that had stars in her eyes for him, is a young woman who has declared her hatred and open warfare on him, for crimes he either did or didnt commit I can’t give the whole story away ladies, but I will say if you can get your hands on a used copy of this book, KEEP IT.

But Georgina declared war–convincing herself Steven was as bad as his reputation.

It was good, but could’ve been better. A friends to lovers tale of two people meant for each other. But Georgina declared war–convincing herself Steven was as bad as his reputation. Told you the h likes to have drama, she is great at creating it out of nothing too.


Truly romantic and over the top. Emily rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Steven knows who he wants and does not let anything stand in his way. It was clear he loved her and she loved him to pieces but for his own daerest he acted liked a jerk to her and she thought he never cared about her.

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I did, but my monkey brain satisfaction in the scene, and the whole deal with Auriel cannot overcome my sensible brain that thinks this is all a bit nonsense. A lovely, heart-warming book with a loving, tender and indulgent hero though he doesn’t lack in the HP asshat qualities I loved this book!

I wasn’t loving him until towards the end, when I did see how much her feelings were reciprocated. Feb 09, EeeJay added it Shelves: Hadn’t he stolen his brother’s wife and turned a defenseless female out into t Lord of the manor Steven Templeton had shattered Georgina’s life once, and now that he’d returned to Kellerdale Hall, he clearly intended to scatter the pieces.

Avisha Beeharreea rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Steven is her big childhood crush.

Dearest Traitor – Patricia Wilson – Google Books

To ask other readers questions about Dearest Traitorplease sign up. Trivia About Dearest Traitor. The H is the usual bossy and enigmatic PW H and really there was no reason for him to go to Canada, but PW might have been bored, cause she obviously wanted to start her own drama for her final HPlandia outing.


The Good I thought this was a fun and light romance. This book was intense. Dec 06, Sammy rated it liked it Shelves: I love the fact that the hero fell in love with her since for a while and just waited for her to grow up. There are strangers on the estate that the h has to brain with tree branches because they frighten her and the h has to invite her other BFF to hang out with her for the big Charity Ball.

Thank goodness Jeremy was so much a mommy’s boy he did not take advantage of Georgina, because she’d so totally cut off her nose to spite her face, maybe lost her virginity on purpose to get back at Steven! Penelope rated it it was amazing May 26, This ticked all the boxes of what I most like in a romance. To say I love you would be the understatement of all time,’ he said softly.

She does have a genius for a good old fashioned scrape. Ruramai rated it it was amazing Feb 27, When she was 18 she threw herself at him, but he rejected her and popped off to Canada for 4 years.

Stolen breathless kisses and immature bickering is traihor makes it all the more fun.