a. dbmcli -d -u control, – Login b. dbmcli -d -u control, db_offline|db_state| db_online – Shutdown c. dbmcli db_enum & sdbuninst -l – Identify. The Database Manager has a command-line oriented client, the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI). The Database Manager CLI is. At the server, the startsap command executed successfully, it shows that ASCS Command: dbmcli -d GWD -u control, info LOG.

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The value of the name attribute is a composite of abbreviations. The physical link state. The local identifier of the InfiniBand port.

Using the DBMCLI Utility

Example shows how to change the format of e-mail messages. Example shows how to validate the SNMP setup on a commandz server. Examples Example shows how to create a role.

Usage Notes When an alert occurs, a diagnostic package is created automatically. The options are as follows: The type value is optional.


Metric name if the alert is based on a metric. Number of CPUs on the database server. When an alert changes its state, such as warning to critical or critical to clearanother occurrence of the alert is created with the same sequence number and a time stamp of the transition.


Indicator of how the statistic was created or defined. The snmpSubscriber attribute is used to configure Auto Service Request. The default is 7 days.

This chapter contains the following topics:. If an error occurs, then the command is interrupted, and the remaining objects are not dropped.

MaxDb dbmcli commands | Onnry Does Netweaver

The priority option for the syslogconf attribute must be one of the following: Unique name of the current metric. Disk revolutions per minute. Tests for equality between string, status, or numeric attributes. The value of ALL is the default value and allows access to all hosts. Interconnect 1 to 4 for the database server. It can also be vommands into a different directory e. This attribute is only used for flash disks.

You can request to get this client as described in note The value should be mailsnmpnoneor both mail and snmp. The number of commabds link errors experienced at the InfiniBand port.

This option suppresses the command prompt and disables the command-line editing features. This command responds with an list of executed Sesam savesets. Metric values can cause alerts to signal by comparing those values against threshold boundaries. You can use the following values for httpsAccess:.

Full System Recovery: Restoring the SAP MaxDB Database from the SAP Command Line

The value can be normalwarningor critical. The attribute value starts with an abbreviation of the object dbmcpi on which the metric is defined:. Example Granting a Role to a User This example shows how to grant a role to a user. The number of days before a user’s password expires that a warning message is issued during login attempts.


Example shows how to display database server metrics.

For example, you can perform the following redirection: The default is FINE. When an alert occurs, a diagnostic package is created automatically. The OFF option suppresses the display. Spelling in the example above is correct: The number of megabytes received by the InfiniBand interfaces per second.

In the preceding example, the output from DBMCLI commands in the command-script-in file are written to the results-out file.

If that test e-mail message is not received, then an e-mail configuration setting is not valid. This package contains logs and traces related to the alert. When dropping stateful commahds, you must drop all members of the alert sequence at the same time.