Czasowniki frazowe z przykładami użycia z książki Longman Repetytorium Maturalne poziom podstawowy. Matura Wydawnictwo Pearson. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni czasownik frazowy. Język angielski – test: Wstaw w lukę odpowiedni przyimek bądź partykułę tak, by uzyskać pasujący do kontekstu czasownik frazowy.

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I hate to put you outbut I need a ride to the train station and hope you can take me.

Barge in into -Enter a place and interrupt: They backed up my story. Blow out – Extinguish candles, matches: She’s barged into the meeting as if she suddenly were on the Board od Directors.

Oferta dla stron WWW. Her allergies acted up again. Type up – Type a finished version Use up – Finish or consume all of something Veg out – Relax, do nothing Venture forth Wade in czasowmiki Start something or get involved, often without thinking or to forcefully – Attack Wade into – Become embroiled or involved in a situation, without thinking or planning usually Wade through – Get to the end of something with difficulty Wait about – Wait somewhere doing nothing Wait around – Wait somewhere doing nothing Wait behind – Stay somewhere after other people have left Wait in – Stay at home because someone is going to visit Wait on – Serve people in a restaurant – Sell goods in a shop – Provide someeone with everything they need or want – Wait for a result before being able to make a decision Wait out – Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant Frazzowe up – Not go to bed because you are waiting Wait up!

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I could hear her banging around in her room. You’d better put a sweater on.

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We bogged down in a number of problems. When the snake got closer he quickly backed away. They are well off. They decided to bed down for the night. I asked around if anyone knew where the train station was. He was just putting us on.

Show around – Take someone to a place to show them certain parts Show in – Take someone into an office or other room Show off – Behave in a way so as to attract attention – Display something you are proud of – Make the qualities of another thing more apparent Show out – Take someone to out of a room or building Show over – Take someone around a site Show round – Take someone to a place to show them certain parts Show through – When a feeling can be seen despite attempts to conceal it Show up – Attend something or arrive somewhere – Become clear or apparent – Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed Shut away – Imprison or remove someone’s freedom Shut down – Close a business, shop, etc.

I would like to ask our neighbours over tonight. After a long discussion we finally manged to arrive at an agreement. I have to be at the concert and meet the band – I can’t let such an opportunity pass me by.


The kids belted up in their seats and waited for me to start the car. He is out to get you. What time should I pick you up? He’s been up since 4. Ta funkcja wymaga zalogowania.

The speech acted on the emotions of all the listeners. Pobierz w formacie PDF. This information may bear on the case. She’s been snowed under this paperwork for weeks. He was banged cxasowniki for stealing my precious socks: Tom asked Mary out. Will you help me pick them up? Hurricane Katrina bore down on Louisiana on Sunday.

Test z angielskiego: Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe cz. 2

He tried to block out the accident permanently. Nauka angielskiego Czasowniki frazowe P. We booked into the hotel in the morning. I blanked this out off my memory. Grazowe returning home, they pitched into food – they hadn’t had a decent meal for 2 weeks.

My trip to Chicago didn’t pan out. He blasted me for coming late for work. Could you bear with me for a moment?