Advanced obfuscation techniques make de-compiled Java programs not re- compilable, thus to crack the target. mechanism of AspectJ [2] to render code obfuscation and string [15] Roubtsov, V., Cracking Java byte-code encryption, . Difficult to implement. – Of little benefit: The bytecode has to run! • No public/ private crypto offered. – Can it be implemented? • String encryption uses XOR type. string encryption. The latest version was released June 23, [14]. JBCO The Java ByteCode Obfuscator is built on top of the Soot framework and operates.

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By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of ofuscated website is subject to these policies. If you want to learn more about code and data flow obfuscation techniques and how encryptiob rank against each other in terms of potency, resilience and cost, the three-part series by Sonali Gupta, appeared in the Palisade Magazine in Aug-Octwould make a good start:.

An obfuscator may however be capable of replacing some of the basic Java APIs with custom, obfuscated implementations. But any code designed to run on third-party systems has to include or be accompanied with the respective decryption bytecore and hence may not be protected through encryption. This is happening by invoking object initialization and class initialization.

Since we know that no parameters got pushed to the B method when it was called above we have to look at the second method, void B. The salt string is also exposed. Their findings are summarized in two articles: I wonder if they hold an internal “obfuscate-decompile” tournament.


Bytecodw a hacker would still have little doubt over where to look for sensitive code, and they don’t even need to reverse the encryption algorithm. It would therefore make sense to also “distort” the overall structure of the program.

So the name of the class and names of its methods and fields must be present in a class file, as well as names of all imported classes, called methods, and accessed fields. For the reverse engineering of the JVM to get the private key Pablo Santa Cruz k 23 If it was a plain text file, obviously it stfing be extracted.

That is, until the system administrator account gets hacked.

Their findings are summarized in two articles:. You may not obfuscate the names of standard Java API classes that are part of the JRE, so all uses of those classes remain clearly seen in the decompiled code.

cryptography – Why not encrypt the Java bytecode instead of obfuscate it? – Stack Overflow

Even though the obfuscator has replaced the public identifiers AuthenticationencryptPassword and checkPassword with meaningless, overloaded ait is clear that these methods deal with the Security API and use the SHA algorithm. These are the types of applications one may wish to protect against decompilation.

By coincidence, that particular chapter is available onlineso I have just saved you twenty dollars. Godfrey has recently published a new book, Decompiling Androidwhich also has a section on protection.

The idea is to enable the JIT compiler to perform all optimizations at run time, taking the execution profile into account. All they need to do is extract the calls of the decryption method from the decompiled source: Main-Class will be added automatically by build Main-Class: A group of Rowan University researchers led by Prof.


Of course we could look for a way to fix this, either by hunting down the locations causing them and either patching the decompiler or the class file. Sign up using Email and Password. To understand what this means you need to know that Java source code, unlike e. Indeed, the obfuscator I was using could only make one change after I enabled code obfuscation: All they need to do is extract the calls of the decryption method from the decompiled source:.

Code flow obfuscation has a negative impact on performance. The method also generates a kind of hwid and issues a web request to the login server using a horrible case switch taking about lines, but I will spare you that. The already oversized heading of this section should have read ” Software-only Bytecode Encryption Remote must trigger the name obfuscator’s exclude mechanism.

Protect Your Java Code — Through Obfuscators And Beyond

However, as Java is now open source, javq may simply download the OpenJDK source code, patch it to dump loaded classes to disk and force the -XX: In fact, it even needs to initialize the class. Compiles to a higher-level portable bytecode that operates on typed values: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I only had to disable one transformation, bb.