The WRV Wireless-G VPN Router opens up a secure pathway from your network to your remote workers and branch offices. The router supports the. For additional information and instructions about creating your own VPN, please visit Linksys’s website at You can also refer to “Appendix B. WRV Wireless-G VPN Router – RangeBooster: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community.

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Configuring the Firewall Preventing Attacks Introduction This chapter provides information to familiarize you with the product features, guide you through the installation process, and get started using the web-based Configuration Utility. Introduction Product Overview Wireless networking in business environments requires additional flexibility.

The WRV has the capability to expand or reduce the area of your wireless network. There is support for Wireless Distribution System WDSwhich allows the wireless coverage to be expanded without wires through wireless bridging between it and select Cisco Small Business stand-alone access points.

Desktop Option For desktop placement, place the router horizontally on a surface so it sits on its four rubber feet. After you complete the initial configuration, administrative tasks can be performed from a wireless connection.

Use only the power adapter that is supplied with the Router. Introduction Initial Installation Configuring the Internet Connection Before you begin, make sure that you have the setup information for the specific type of Internet connection.

The installation technician from the Internet Service Provider ISP should have provided this information when installing the broadband connection. PPTP is a service used in Europe only. L2TP is used mostly in Europe. Check with the ISP for the necessary setup information. For all security modes except WEP, enter the interval in seconds.

The Key Renewal instructs the router how often it should change the encryption keys. The default is seconds, which is 1 hour.

Cisco WRV210

Introduction Getting Started wev210 the Configuration Utility If you chose bit WEP encryption, the key must be exactly 26 hexadecimal characters in length. Keep the default values for all other settings. Introduction Getting Started in the Configuration Utility Navigating through the Pages Use the navigation tree cieco the left pane to open the configuration pages. Saving Your Changes When you finish making changes on a configuration page, click Save to save the changes, or click Cancel to undo your changes.

Then, enter the password again to confirm it.

If your service provider has given you this information, enter it in this field. Select this option to enable the Router to periodically check your Internet connection. If you are disconnected, then the Router automatically re-establishes your connection.

Select Enabled and enter the value desired. Cisc is recommended that you leave this value in the to range. This number cannot be greater than Select the number of the VLAN from the drop-down menu. Select the VLAN number to associate with the desired port. STEP 2 Enter the following information: A static route is a pre-determined pathway that a packet must travel to reach a specific host or network. The destination device is on a network that you reach through your Internet manul.


Click the Show Routing Table button to open a screen displaying how packets are routed through your local network. This is the name of your wireless network, and can be up to 32 characters in length. Linksys wireless products use linksys as the default wireless network name. For wireless products such as access points, routers, and gateways, you will be asked for a password when you want to change their settings.

These devices have a default password set by the factory. The Cisvo default password is admin. Hackers know these defaults and may try to use them to access your wireless device and change your network settings.

Combine letters and cisc to avoid using standard words that can be found in the dictionary. You may wish to set up multiple networks to segment the network traffic, to allow different levels of access, such as guest access, or to allow access for different functions such as accounting, billing, and so on. Choose this option if you have only Select the SSID that you want to operate according to this schedule. Click this button to display a list of all currently defined schedules. The encryption method is chosen automatically for the other WPA modes.

A wireless client must provide the correct shared key in order to access the wireless network. If you configured multiple networks SSIDsrepeat this procedure for each one. Choose this option to prevent the specified computers from accessing your wireless network. Choose this option to allow only the specified computers to access your network.

These settings should only be adjusted by an advanced user as incorrect settings can reduce wireless performance.

Configuring the Wireless Network Adjusting the Advanced Wireless Settings older wireless technology, and All, when the Router can transmit at all wireless rates. The Basic Rate is not the manuxl rate of data transmission.

Choose the method for allowing repeaters to connect: STEP 1 Enter the following settings, as needed: Configuring the Firewall Enabling Port Forwarding to Allow Access to Services prevent multicasting, or uncheck the box to allow multicasting. This feature is cieco by default.

Check the box for each type of web component that you want to block. STEP 1 Enter the following information: In this field, enter the name you wish to give the application.


For this feature, the Router watches outgoing data for specific port numbers. In the End field, enter the final port number in the range. Enter the protocol used for this application. You can use the Access Restriction page to block or allow specific kinds of Internet usage and traffic during specific days and times. Click Enabled to enable the policy, or click Disabled to disable it.


Policies are disabled by default. Type a name to identify the policy. After you save the policy, this name will appear with the policy number in the Internet Access Policy wdv210 list. The security is created by the very specific settings for the connection. Disabling passthrough may prevent VPN clients from connecting to your network. Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is the method used to enable Point-to-Point arv210 via the Internet on the Layer 2 level.

L2TP Passthrough is enabled by default. Wrc210 the traffic, using port forwarding, to the correct computer. The VPN tunnel terminates at the router with this setting.

Linksys WRV Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

Use Port Range Forwarding to direct traffic to the correct computer. Optionally, you can choose to have the key expire at the end of a specified time period.

You also can stop, start, or restart a connection. FTP and NetMeeting appear by default. You can add manua, applications requiring ALG.

For example, if there is an email server connected to a particular port, you can prioritize traffic to that server. Choose the input data rate for a port. Packets exceeding this rate are dropped. Full is the default.

Administration The Administration module provides access to system administration settings and tools. The default user name and password is admin. You should change this setting to prevent unauthorized ciso. Enter the new password. The password can include any alphanumeric characters. To use SSL encryption, select Enabled. Enter the port number that is open to outside access.

The default setting is Enter a suitable qrv210 to identify this device in the SNMP software. Enter the location of the Router. Backing and Restoring a Configuration Cisco recommends that you periodically back up your configuration.

This practice is especially helpful before you make significant changes in the settings. You can choose to enable email alerts for specified events, and you can configure the system log to send the information to a syslog server.

STEP 1 Configure the following settings, as needed: To verify connectivity between devices, a ping utility sends a request, known as an ICMP echo-request packet, to the designated device. Enter the number of times that you want to ping the device: Click Start to Ping to start the test.