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His eyes moved possessively over her face, but his pace didn’t slow, and he didn’t answer her.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. He would have known instantly had she been osciro his race. Going back is not your answer. War of the Worlds Mike Brunton. He tested her block, careful not to alarm her. He was attracted to me,” she tried to explain gently.

The thought of her with another man enraged him. Raven did as he suggested, too worn out to struggle.

He followed the faint psychic trail unerringly. He was controlling her without contact.

El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince by Feehan, Christine

He was on her before she could move, his hands reaching out for her. He knew without looking that he had exactly five hours to sunrise. He looked so alone, so proud, yet his eyes burned over her with hungry need. Chritsine beast was unleashed, deadly, hungry. Mikhail knew she was unaware of that nervous, telltale gesture. Yet even if they survive, how can these two lovers — Carpathian and human — build a future together?


We have a date this evening. Do you play chess? He felt her drowsiness, her yawn. Pushing herself up she moved slowly to the bathroom. El Deseo Oscuro Christine Feehan. Mikhail knew the precise moment she awakened, her body on fire. Jacob had hurt her, the pain was so intense it had stolen her breath and somehow, when no one else knew, Mikhail had known. Power always needed control.

He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing. She laughed at him, the sound wrapping his body in flames. Dark Vows Paula A Richardson. Looking for beautiful books? She packed quickly, haphazardly, tossing clothes and make-up as fast as she could into the battered suitcase. It dipped, circled and swept across the darkened sky, silent, lethal, beautiful in its deadly pretense.

Her movements were graceful, enticing. His race was dying and his soul dark. The pounding on her door began again. She had met Jacob and Shelly Evans, a brother and sister, last night in the dining room when they had first come in off the train. Very slowly, reluctantly, he allowed her feet to touch the threshold. He had power beyond imagination, knowledge beyond imagination and as centuries passed, his nature had sharpened and defined, both sides of it, good and bad.

He spared her a glance, his eyes sweeping over the buxom figure. As a child she had been overwhelmed by the bombardment of emotions around her. How did he do that?

El Principe Oscuro

The seduction was far more than physical, it was some deep elemental thing she could not precisely put her finger on. No one could penetrate his safeguards. I won’t meet with you.


He had been more than gentle. She had never had another human being she could just osduro and talk with, even touch, without the bombardment of thoughts and emotions.

Shocked at the erotic twist his thoughts began to pursue, Mikhail imposed rigid discipline. A curious hush fell in the dining room as Mikhail strode in.

The discovery of this dying race of people, struggling desperately to preserve their place in the world afforded me many intriguing adventures on their behalf. A smile softened the edges of his mouth.

She wasn’t sure she was telling the truth. He knew what she felt, the price she paid for her gift. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and feeyan. She crossed the room, greeted Shelly and was introduced to Margaret and Harry Summers.

She was frightened, he could read it easily, a captive wild thing wanting to trust him, yet unable to, run to the ground, cornered, but still willing to fight with her last breath. He was not going to take what she would have given freely.

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