Exhilaration and drudgery, passion and exhaustion, exist side by side for dancers in the exalted Manhattan Ballet, a world unto itself, which. Summary: A quiet but very realistic look at the struggle ballet dancers have and what happens when a girl has to choose between her career. Bunheads by Sophie Flack is a young adult novel inspired by the author’s experiences as a New York City Ballet dancer. The book Bunheads is not related the.

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From War Orphan to Star Ballerina. But for nunheads rest of her friends, the epitome of success is becoming a soloist. I was seeing this book.


Apparently, this book also has a lot of likeness to Black Swan though toned downthough I’ve never watched it – so if you liked that, check this out! I never felt any connection to Hanna or any of the other characters.

Overall, this was a very interesting book which taught me a lot about the backstage goings-on of ballet dancers and the hard work that they go through, both physically and mentally. If you see this book in your library or in a bookstore, pick it up.

Bunheads by Sophie Flack – Everyday Reading

I might read this now. Ballet really is my passion and I love anything with it. But when Otto Klein casts them both as understudies in his new dance, they know that the tides are turning for one of them. But hey, if you are a dancer, or enjoy simpleminded romance, then maybe you’ll have better lick than me. She does an exquisite job explaining this world and making it real for the reader – the intensity, competition, exhaustion, physical, psychological toll. Reply Jenny October 14, at 5: She works hard, watches her weight like a hawk, and navigates the complicated maze of relationships with the rest of the company who, in many cases, are both friends and rivals.

The struggles and realizations she went through seemed very real and very much like the same ones many of us go through. Hannah is a believable character who struggles to discover just what it is she wants for her life; the insular world of ballet or to discover more about the world around her. Aug 30, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: That means dedicating bunhdads to yoga for muscle strengthening, and bikram yoga for weight loss.


There is, obviously, no semblance of a life outside of ballet. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Filled with aspiring dancers yearning for the spot light, to get to that place it takes really bnheads work. Heroine Hannah is a total cypher. It made me nostalgic in the best way possible, I truly loved it. In the end, I was really upset after reading this, but I usually am after reading any ballet book, so it might just be me In Mattie, Hannah remembers what it was to think of dancing and ballet in a dreamy way; before the backstabbing, long hours and poor castings; I look down at this smiling little girl in her pigtails and dirty tutu.

It takes strength, and it is not easy to be strong and stand on a toe tip when you have not eaten all day. Rachel McKitterick Have you tried buying from eBay. I found the simplest things like how they get their shoes to fit them perfectly and all the different moves fascinating. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors.

I enjoyed reading this book and thought the author did an excellent job of presenting both the technical and the emotional side of being a ballet dancer. I loved the development of them and the way booj saw things. I just saw a gif on Facebook that said “I have a sleep disorder.

She has nothing else. Dancers, both young and old, will find Flack’s book to be right up their alley, as it fleshes out the ballet world, warts and all. There is quite a lot of dance-related terminology used without any explanation but I don’t think that it is at all necessary to know what all of the terms mean – it’s easy to just get drawn into Hannah’s world.


I bunhezds have loved a copy of her signing with ballet slippers!!!

Bunheads by Sophie Flack

A whole new perspective is brought to the readers eyes and it held them there. Books like Bunheads remind me that I can be a little harsh in my reviews. While Matt opens Hannah’s eyes to the lifestyle of the rich and famous that ballet dancers sometimes step into, Jacob is more down to earth and relevant to Hannah’s background and life.

Her last words in the book are, “My name is Hannah Ward and I am a dancer. How I wanted to look so stunning, so long, and to be singled out as she was.

BUNHEADS by Sophie Flack | Kirkus Reviews

How she yearns for something more but unwilling to sacrifice what she has worked so hard to accomplish. And yet, I was left unsatisfied, frustrated, and my self esteem was at an all time low for the day. But one night at an Italian restaurant, she meets Jacob, or whatever his name is, and falls in love with him, the NYU college student slash aspiring song writer and suddenly isn’t so sure of what she wants to do with her life.

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Hannah is a really interesting leading lady to read about with her conflicting emotions about ballet and her journey as she tries bunheqds decide what she wants from life. When Flack next came to my attention, she’d come to realize a lot of disappointing realities as well. But then a cute guitarist by the name of Jacob bunheadw along and makes her see how much of the real world she is missing out on because of her chosen career.