BRIKWARS Book One: Core Rules. Next: Chapter 1: Gameplay · QuikWars · CONTENTS Navigation Bar, 1: Gameplay. The Core! BOOK ONE: CORE. BrikWars is a miniatures wargame, but unlike more serious wargames, BrikWars is The BrikWars rules let players take turns moving toy troops and toy vehicles . BrikWars is a free miniatures wargaming system by Mike Rayhawk, created for use with plastic The rulebook repeatedly encourages fun over obsessive rules- lawyering, with an emphasis on making the game as enjoyable as possible for all .

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Squads of five pikemen Skirmishing and ten swordsmen Fully Engaged are attacking the three remaining members of a Squad of sign-waving hippies.

Medium Animals Size 2″ Chapter H: Kill millions, and you are a conqueror. The one that came with a sword-wielding Troll and a little cart That’s how I collected my Ork army.

A minifig working at a resource-gathering point for a turn collects a Skill roll’s worth of CP in resources, which must then be delivered to their faction. The most lethal factor, however, is the irresistible nature of the Beer itself – no matter how many invaders combine forces to breach the defenses, only one can escape with the Keg, and each attacker will stop at nothing to make sure he’s that one.

No one has been able to define the Emperor’s “Greater Good” precisely, but his “all means necessary” is the largest assembled military force in the known galaxy. Construction Points aren’t the only method of budgeting forces. When a faction needs to extract value from the work of Peaches, alternate species, and Girls Raised baseplates and brick mountains scattered around the floor make a perfectly decent battlefield. Download the Gunner card.


Kill everyone, and you are a god. Active Squad Presses the Attack If the active Squad is still in Skirmish range or Fully Engaged with the target and at least one Squad member still has free hands or weapons it hasn’t used yet during the turn, the Squad can return to step one and delare a new Close Combat Maneuver against the same target.

Units don’t have to be able to see an area in order to Detect a Hidden unit there. It was augmented in later years by the addition of popular player factions.

This rugged BleakTron tank boasts twin missile racks. Even if another player’s What I Say Goes Roll would work against you, you’re not obligated to oppose it. The Farce ensures that no faith goes unrewarded. Otherwise, they risk becoming disoriented and falling victim to brickwarrs – a feared but thankfully rare disease.

To add variety, players might also include: Rather than freeing the prisoner, Stalin’s throw severs the chain the cage is hanging from, dropping both the cage and Sir Dogdu into an active volcano. Valiant’s tanks are packed with a versatile assortment of Ammunition.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since he’s a boss enemy, Brett is also wearing bulletproof Heavy Armor that gives him one layer of Deflection. The current BrikWars edition is BrikWars But just because the rules are playable this time, don’t feel obligated to follow them.

Like Humans, when minifigs battle, it’s almost never over anything worth fighting for. The brickwxrs player chooses to deliver the pike hits first, doing two dice of Damage apiece, and the sword hits second, each doing one die of Damage.

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BRIKWARS Chapter Armies

Remember that if the Squad is trying to Withdraw or Ignore the combat, attempts to Parry or Bail will use up the units’ Actions. Whatever task a player or unit was attempting fails completely, no matter how easy it might have been.


Organized into Squads, there’s a much greater chance of players reaching the second turn. While the game brickwasr be played with non-construction-toy-related objects, such as action figures bricjwars, stuffed animalsor chessmenthe rules lend themselves best to figures and structures which can be easily disassembled and reconstructed. Jonathan Dallas’s converted assault schoolbus is loaded with dynamite-strapped kamikaze warriors and a catapult with which to launch them.

And if it was, it’s not a big deal. This will forestall further arguments about proper nomenclature and pluralization. Instant Bennies can’t be saved from turn to turn, so there’s no point in trying to earn one if you’re not in a position to spend it immediately.

Each type of Ammunition must be purchased separately for each Cannon. Rulse decided to invest in a couple more Lego’s and it honestly just got worse from there.

BrikWars – 1d4chan

Creatures who are made of Fire, like djinnis, lava monsters, and Michael Jordan, do not suffer Fire penalties or Burning Rolls.

Unit Inches Unit or Item. On the fringes, Rainbowist cultists pursue the ecstatic anti-sentience of the baseball-capped Dimmy swarms, while ascetics at the opposite extreme abandon all hygiene in a quest to harness the forces of deconstruction and rebirth that sustain the poop-worshipping Dungans.

I had a lot of Lego’s to begin with, i divided it into Some Nice armies, not too big, bullied a friend into playing a game with me, had a bunch of fun. Grail War” Elements shown: