Sheet Music – £ – Part 1 of Giovanni Bottesini’s fine method for Double Bass which contains exercises. Mr. Karr, would you teach me how to drive a double bass? by In the introduction to his method, Botessini emphasizes the importance of Solfege. All the etudes. Bottesini, Giovanni – Method For Double Bass Part 1 – Yorke Edition. Bottesini $ Bille – New Method Part 1 for Double Bass – Ricordi Edition |

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Tom Martin and His Incredible World.

Bottesini, Giovanni – Method For Double Bass Part 1 – Yorke Edition

Playing with a very low action without having any problem with the fingerboard. Thomas Baes is one of the most important biograph for what regarding to Giovanni Bottesini Link to his website and you will be able to read “In search of Bottesini” by Thomas Martin. A very pleasure lecture about the “Paganini of the Double Bass”.

It’s just a few little movements from a Corelli violin sonata which was part of a souble of demonstrations “Instruments of the Orchestra”. It gives us a valuable glimpse into the past.

It was made on a guitar shaped Catalan bass by Gullermi with three pure gut strings – I think it has ended up with Alberto Bocini. Warnicke mentions him well in his treatice “Der Kontrabass Ad Infinitum” in Roger Scott was principal bass of the Philadelphia Orchestra for 47 years, performing with many of the world’s greatest conductors including Philadelphia maestros Eugene Ormandy, Riccardo Muti, and Wolfgang Sawallisch. For decades Scott was a master teacher at the Curtis School of Music, imparting a love of the double bass repertoire to a new generation of musicians.

Method For Bass Part 2

Taylor, head of the CHS music department. Taylor encouraged Scott to join the school’s orchestra so that Scott, a dedicated Boy Scout, could earn his music merit badge. Scott took up the double bass and was soon leading a small ensemble that was heard on local radio. In addition to playing in the school orchestra, Scott joined Mr. Taylor’s shipboard orchestra where he performed with other CHS students on boat trips to South America in the summers of and During his time at Cheltenham, Scott also participated in the Carnegie Foundation’s influential “Pennsylvania Study”, an extended experiment whose results helped advance American education.

An honor student, Scott graduated from Cheltenham in Following a year of intense study of the double bass, Scott was accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music, an institution with which he has enjoyed a lifetime relationship. He studied with Anton Torello, then the principal bass of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Marine Band in Washington D.


As a member of numerous chamber ensembles, Scott often performed at the White House for the first family and foreign dignitaries. After the war Scott spent a year in New York as a freelance musician, methoe with a number of radio and opera orchestras.

He played for a season with the Pittsburgh Symphony under Fritz Reiner, his former conductor at the Curtis Institute, but soon returned to his Philadelphia roots.

He joined the Philadelphia Orchestra during its golden age under legendary music director Eugene Ormandy, creator of the world-famous “Philadelphia sound”. Scott became a member of the bass section inand was appointed principal bass by Ormandy during the season.

He would retain this post until his retirement 47 years later. During his remarkable career, Scott recorded countless works of the classical repertoire with Ormandy and performed over 10, concerts in cities all over the world. Roger Scott has also distinguished himself as an outstanding teacher of music.

Succeeding his mentor Anton Torello, Scott began teaching double bass at the Curtis Institute in An incomparable teacher, Scott has guided more than 50 pupils through the intricacies of double bass technique. His pupils have gone on to become renowned teachers and performers themselves, including five current members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and numerous first chair players in orchestras around the world.

As a teacher and a performer, Scott strove to establish the double bass as a solo instrument.

In solo recitals and recordings, he brought to the instrument a level of technique and sophistication taken for granted on the violin and cello. During the season, Scott played the challenging bass solo in the premiere of Alberto Ginastera’s Concerto for Strings. Scott counts among his proudest possessions a solo bass made by Lorenzo Evangelisti in Inthe Philadelphia Orchestra honored Scott with the C.

Hartman Kuhn Award for his ability and enterprise in enhancing the standards and reputation of the orchestra. After a doible and distinguished career in music, Bottexini retired from the Philadelphia Orchestra in They have four children and three grandchildren.

Giovanni Bottesini was born into a musical family on December 22nd,in Crema, a town in Lombardy, Italy. His mother was Maria born Spinefli dpuble his father, Pietro, was a local musician, a well-known claxionettist who also was interested in composition, having written several methods for various instruments.

A composition of his is in Milan. His sister, Angelina, also studied music and became a fine pianist. She died in Naples in He began his study of the violin at five and at the age of ten he was put in the care of his uncle, Cogliati, a priest, who was the first violinist in the orchestra of the Cathedral at Crema.


He remained in this tuition for three years singing as a boy soprano, playing the drums at the Teatro Communale, continuing serious study of the Pianoforte as well as experimenting with the cello and double bass. In his father heard of two places on bottesinl at the Conservatono in Milan, one for the bassoon and one for the double bass. Thus, the decision was made that was to launch Bottesini on his fantastic career.

They made the journey to the big city one week ahead of the audition in order for young Giovanni to meet Professor Luigi Rossi and dounle some lessons prior to the big day.

Double Bass Arco and Classical Bass Method Books

He impressed Rossi and the panel, and at one point in his examination made the famous remark: His Life, travels, compositions. For a doubld and authentic history of the classic bass!!! Soloist, Master Teacher, Bottesini’s biography, double bass maker and also specialized in very fot liuthers.

Here you can go and find Mr. Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa. All Thomas Martin Cd like Soloist. Click on the cover to redirect. Thomas Martin testing a new double bass. George Martin violin maker. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Click on to enlarge. You find the same Videos on maestro Thomas Martin Website. Chris Jennings plays with a Thomas Martin’s bass. John Patitucci plays with Bow a Martin’s Bass. Maestro Martin and Giovanni Bottesini. Click to read all three chapters. File audio MP3 3. Martin explains to us: Bottesini and The British Library. Bottesini’s original scores and not!! Go down for downloading. Archivio compresso in formato ZIP Javascript is disable – methof Click on the image for the free download.

The Bottesini Etudes Project –

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