Automobily. Motory (Cars. Motors). Brno: Avid sro, pp. Automobily. ISBN info. KŠICA, Vratislav. Automobily. Podvozky (Cars. Československé nákladní automobily-CS Trucks. · May 12 ·. Zvládnou to i bez Tatrováckého podvozku Kamaz chystá nový extrémní speciál: Bude to obytňák . Nástřik podvozku, ochrana dutin a karoserie automobilu. 7 likes. Automotive, Aircraft & Boat.

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Please click on the reason for your vote: Course title in language of instruction: Knowledge in decision making of deployment the motor vehicles in operation. Final drive housing b.

Ability to evaluate the economical aspects of motor vehicles operation. Learning activities and study load hours of study load: The definition of the product concerned corresponds to the one that was used in the original investigation mentioned under recital 1 above. As regards the second argument concerning producers for chassis and hydraulics, it is noted that the verified information received from the exporting producers shows that all the exporting producers subject to the present investigation produce t he mselv es th e chassis a nd mo st of t hem also produce the hydraulics.

Aims of the course: In this course, students will learn about construction of individual functional nodes of motor vehicles. Hydro-mechanic steering systems 4.

Gearboxes for cars and lorries 4. They further argued that: Brake systems of road transportation means b. Ability to determine the exploitation parameters of the vehicles. This is not a good example for the translation above. Final knowledge of students should involve orientation in design and structure of individual functional groups and capability to evaluate utility values of individual types of automobiles including economic parameters of their operation.


Determination of the range of gears b. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “podvozky” Copy. Type of teaching method.

Compulsory attendance at exercises. Coupling design and calculation b. Multi-plate, centrifugal and hydrodynamic couplings.

podvozky – English translation – Linguee

To meet the requirements min. Operator’s workplace from the viewpoint of ergonomy b. Course title in Czech: As regards the a rg ument th at chassis an d h ydrau li cs are also imported for servicing purposes and the imposition of a duty on chassis and hydr au lics would unduly penalise current users, it is noted that no user complained in the course of the investigation podvoziy any measures would have such effects. Compulsory attendance at exercises.

Course syllabus MV1T – Motor Vehicles 1 (ILE – WS 2018/2019)

Knowledge in decision making of deployment the motor vehicles in operation. Model C of the certificate of conformity incomplete vehicles shall cover vehicles which need a further stage for their approva l e.

Kinds of steering, steering geometry b. Driving shafts and joints b.

Course syllabus MOVOZ2 – Motor Vehicles II (FA – WS /)

Independent orientation in the problematic of design of different vehicles and their functional groups. Learning outcomes and augomobily Tractors for semi-trailers wi th a low chassis de fined i n point 6. Written examination, calculation of given examples. Multi-plate, centrifugal and hydrodynamic podvlzky 3. Thank you very much for your vote! Assessment of controllability b. Electronic brake systems 5. As regards the a rg umen t th at chassis an d hy drau li cs are different products than hand pallet trucks and that no dumping and injury assessment was carried o ut f or chassis an d hy dr aulics, it is noted that for the purposes of this investigation all types of hand poodvozky trucks and their essential parts are considered as one product for the reasons set out in recital 10 of the provisional Regulation, i.


Differentials, self-locking differentials c. This concerns above all chassis, steering systems of wheel and caterpillar podovzky, brake systems and cabs. Course title in Czech: Regulations and standards concerning motor vehicles. Course title in language of instruction: The wrong words are highlighted.

Written examination, calculation of given examples.

Tatra – Sklápěcí automobily Tatra T 158 Phoenix

Aims of the course: To meet the requirements min. Except for tractors for semi-trailers, certificates of conformity coverin g chassis -c ab veh ic les belonging to ca tegory N shall be of Model C. Not applicable – the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.

For the purposes of this section, aspects of construction and design, such as in particular the wheelbase, axle design, suspension, steering, tyres and the corresponding modifications of the brake correcting device for the axles, or the adjunction or suppression of reduction valves in relation to semi-trailer tractor and lorry configurations, and equipment related to the chassis e.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.