Our state-of-the-art production lines produce solar cells from high quality silicon wafers and assemble these cells into solar modules of varying dimensions. Astronergy CHSMP, W Solar Panel. Astronergy specializes in cutting- edge research, development and production of solar modules. 20 Top Of The Line, Name Brand, Astronergy Solar, High Power Polycrystalline, CHSM P Watt, High Efficiency, True Grid Tie Class Solar Panels With.

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A smaller system can easily reduce or eliminate your air conditioner’s annual energy production and pull you out of the higher tier rates that the utility is Charging you for your electricity. Installation of the above listed system exposes the installer to voltages and currents that are considered lethal and can cause injury or even death if not installed properly.

System only includes the items that are listed above. We’ll provide you atronergy all of the resources that you would ever need, including specification sheets from our competitors offerings, so that you can make your own educated decision about solar panel astronerhy and compare for yourself.

And if that wasn’t enough soon after announcing this incredible accomplishment, they absolutely floored the competition with the industry’s first astronergyy year standard warranty. Reduces your carbon footprint while you go green saving you lots of green.

Solar electric panels work off of light not heat. In a side by side comparison we’ll prove why our name brand top of the line equipment outperforms the astronrgy hands down at a price that can’t be beat. Many states as well as local municipalities permit the home owner to perform a self installation of this system as long as the system is installed according to current NEC electrical codes. High efficiency Polycrystalline technology. Flashings insure that your installation meets or exceeds the roofing industry’s best practices.

A better per Watt PTC rating. In all cases, the SolarGreenBacks discount is always applied only at the time of purchase and not later.

Powerark Solar Pty Ltd Stand: When shopping for solar panels, always insist on solar panels that use solar cells that have been cut from a solid silicon ingot. Self installation of any of the above listed products shall be entirely at the user’s risk.


Spin Your Meter Backwards. And that’s not just talk. The decision as to whether astronrrgy not to include these finding when calculating any return on investment or payback time is solely up to the consumer.

A s olar system produces energy year round. System does not include lag bolts, bare copper grounding wire or AC circuit breakers. No layaways or rain checks.

Astronergy CHSM6610P, 240W Solar Panel

In an effort to be more competitive, many dealers have resorted to offering thin light duty mounting rails that require many more roof penetrations, solar panels with poorer per Watt PTC ratings and lesser warranties and or solar panels that use cells that are not cut from a solid ingot of silicon.

And we did it without raising our low discount prices. awtronergy

Why Choose Discount Solar Supply? Your site’s number of peak sunshine hours and thus your system’s performance will vary depending on factors such as, geographic location, the angle at which your solar panels are tilted, time of year, degree of annual cloud cover, pollutants in the air, dirt and guano bird droppings build up on the solar modules, time of day, solar module age, obstacles to sunlight such as trees and buildings, and the direction that the solar modules are pointed at.

What does this complete system include? With more than 15, customers worldwide, we possess the knowledge, the experience and the strategic partnerships to make your transition into solar an experience that’s not only astronergyy but also rewarding. Needless to say this literally forced power conversion unit manufacturers around the world astronwrgy to the drawing board.

After applying SCE’s rebate, your final system price can be as low as: Our core value is to provide our clients with clean energy solutions and top tier product Your solar system will produce power year round while your air conditioner consumes power for only 4 to 5 months out of the year so why buy a whole house solar power system?


Electric Vehicle Solar Chargers. A better negative tolerance rating. If you have paid in full for asfronergy solar system and have not yet received an approval for your rebate reservation, Discount Solar Supply will store your solar system for you at no charge until you have received your rebate reservation approval.

Astronergy Discount Solar Supply Air Conditioner Power Systems

Next try the same thing with a box beam rail from IronRidge and you’ll know right away which design offers you more piece of mind. Please note that as indicated on our website by the statement “Prices After SolarGreenBacks Discount”, some posted pricing has already had the SolarGreenBacks 2240 applied.

This is a limited time offer. Which means that in California, watt for watt you’ll get a bigger rebate with This Astronergy Solar Panel than with any of the solar panels listed above. We’re Here To Help. We encourage you to compare any other dealer’s offering to the eight critical criteria that are provide by this system. We’ll also help you fill out the State’s paperwork. Astronergy Solar is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high power, monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar modules.

This is why it is important that you choose a solar panel manufacturer that is well established in the industry and has the financial strength to be there in the event that a warranty claim arises.

Astronergy Poly 320 – 240w

The astronerrgy that are included in the system are listed above under the heading: Includes Electrical Line Drawings. Drilling more holes into your roof can increase labor costs as well as increase the risk of a leak.

Discount Solar Supply is not a contractor and as such we do not sub-contract installation services to anyone. Click here to watch a short video sent sstronergy us by one of our Long Island, New York customers.