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This ATSG Mercedes / NAG-1 Tech Manual covers tear down and re- assembly and is extremely helpful in successfully repairing this transmission as it is. ATSG Transmission Technical Service Information PDF Free Download. Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 93 Size: Mb. Transmission Rebuild Technical Manual. We Have Parts For All Your Transmission Electrical Needs!.

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Several different gear ratios are available with this transmission as well as various amounts of clutch plates within a clutch pack assembly. Atdg sure the clutch is used properly is almost as important as these other tips for keeping this transmission in gear. This gives the transmission the capability to be fitted behind engines as small as a 4 cylinder to as strong as a 12 cylinders.

ATSG Transmission Technical Service Information | Free Download

This sensor reads the rotation of the K1 clutch drum inside the transmission Figure 9. Jenric Auto Sales Car Dealership. This transmission does not have an output speed sensor. Atzg this plate can fail in such a way where it will produces speed sensor or solenoid codes, there has been at times confusion with diagnosing the N2 and N3 speed sensors. I am almost tempted to share with you one of the craziest methods I have ever heard being used by some individuals to clean these TCMs.

But have decided against it. The chart in Figure 10 confirms the normal operation of the speed sensors, the N3 sensor being at 0 atsh reverse Satg and 5th gears while the N2 is providing an rpm reading.


This occurs in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears and when it does, both the N2 and N3 rpm sensor readings are exactly the same if the transmission is functioning correctly. By way atgs capillary action, fluid is drawn up through the wiring filling the TCM Figures 4 and 5. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? They too needed to be properly calibrated to accommodate the various vehicles they would be used in.

ATSG 722.6 Transmission Technical Service Information

This means that anytime the input shaft is in rotation so is the front planetary carrier assembly. Afsg internal conductor plate just previously mentioned is another commonly known issue with this transmission.

In these ranges the N3 rpm reading will be 0. Since the N3 is inoperative in reverse standard mode, 1st and 5th gears, it appears that the N3 sensor is redundant and provides no additional information. Although the adapter plug is supposed to prevent transmission fluid from leaking fluid into the harness connector, it could fail. FranklinCovey Guyana Business Center. The N3 speed sensor solid black asg the most forward speed sensor on the conductor plate.

Circuitry within the conductor plate runs from each solenoid to the plug connection. The N2 will provide and rpm reading in park and neutral, and all forward and reverse gear movement but will read 0 rpms when in gear with the brakes applied. Crazy as it sounds, it happens.

The N2 is the next sensor back on the conductor plate silver top and reads the rotation of the front planetary carrier assembly. Unaware, 72.6 vehicle is started with a dry transmission sump. This gets driven by the front ring gear aatsg to the K2 clutch drum and input shaft. Some risk cleaning out the contaminated TCM to reuse it. As one clutch comes off, it needs to be carefully timed with the on coming clutch.


With some Afsg vehicles, there have been reports of transmission fluid being accidently poured into the engine oil fill hole after repairs.

Figure 11 is a first gear screen capture at 10mph of a Jeep 7722.6 Cherokee which provides the following data:. This occurs in Park, Reverse Standard Mode, 1st and 5th gear. What this means to you and me is this. The next interesting aspect to this equation is the Output Speed.

As a side note, the N2 rpm reading in 1st and 5th gear will not be actual input shaft rpm. But it will definitely ensure that the new TCM you put in will not get loaded with fluid again. I know that there are transmissions with computers being inside them submersed in transmission fluid, but these external TCMs are not one of them and do not fare well being filled with fluid. This drum has the front planetary sun gear attached to it and it lugs into the B1 clutch on the pump.